Board members volunteer with the Yonkers Workforce Development Board and are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Yonkers. Mr. William Mascetta is the Chairman of the Yonkers Workforce Development Board  and President and CEO of Transit Construction Corp. The Yonkers Workforce Development Board meets quarterly.

Several committees provide support and oversight to the full board. 

Name                                       Term End 

William Mascetta                       6/30/2021

Anthony Ascencao                    6/30/2021

Lamont Badru                            6/30/2021

Laurel Birkett                             6/30/2021

Reverend Dr. Carl J. Bruce       6/30/2021

Mark Corpas                             6/30/2021

Nicholas D'Angelo                    6/30/2021

Frank DeSantis                        6/30/2021

Taryn Duffy                               6/30/2021

Churchill Egone                        6/30/2021

Ramona Fuentes                      6/30/2021

Gina Gaines                             6/30/2021

Richard Halevy                         6/30/2021

Linda Heyward                         6/30/2021

Charlie Knight                          6/30/2021

Kris Komorowski                      6/30/2021

Jaime Martinez                        6/30/2021

Susan Naber                            6/30/2021

Louis Navarro                          6/30/2021

Ross Pepe                               6/30/2021 

Donald Quadrino                      6/30/2021

Amir Rabadi                             6/30/2021

Bonnie Reyna                          6/30/2021

Ramon Rodriguez                    6/30/2021

Felderi Santiago                      6/30/2021

Atul Sheffey                             6/30/2021

Camille Valentin                       6/30/2021