Mayor Spano Signs M/WBE Executive Order 

On January 16, 2013, Mayor Mike Spano issued Executive Order No. 5 for the promotion of Minority and Women owned businesses in City of Yonkers contracts and procurement, and for affirmative action in developing and maintaining equitable practices and policies in the workplace and in the public marketplace.

“As we know, a diverse business community strengthens the economy and is  beneficial to the residents of our City. The implementation of this policy will actively  ensure minority business enterprises have a fair share in Yonkers and our  workplace,” said Mayor Spano.

The M/WBE Mission

The City of Yonkers pledges through its M/WBE Program to: 

  • Maximize the opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises and Women’s Business Enterprises (M/WBE) to participate in all areas of City contracting, including contracts for construction, design, goods and services;
  • Provide minorities and women equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the City’s employment, contracting and purchasing programs;
  • Prohibit discrimination against a person or business in pursuit of these opportunities on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin;
  • Provide greater information, service, and responsiveness to M/WBE's; and
  • Increase communication between all City of Yonkers Departments and M/WBE's.

Our policy is not intended in any manner to require contracts be awarded to anyone other than the lowest responsive responsible bidder, not to supersede the requirement of any federal, state or local law or rules, regulations and policies adopted pursuant thereto. 

City of Yonkers M/WBE Program

The City's M/WBE program is designed to assist minority- and women-owned business enterprises in providing goods and services to the city. In addition, the program provides workshops and seminars for minority- and women-owned businesses, and assistance with the resolution of problems and complaints relating to the M/WBE program. You do not have to be a certified minority company to do business with the City of Yonkers but the certification will improve your chances to participate in city contracts. If you wish to join our email list and receive information on events and bid opportunities, please click on “Join Our Email List” link on the left side of this page.

M/WBE Business Certification

The State of New York, through its Division of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development (DMWBD)

,is the certifying agency for the state. Visit their website If you wish to certify your business.

If you require additional information, please contact Carlos Moran, Yonkers Equity and Diversity Officer, at (914) 377-6176 or via email at