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Taking Your Business to New Heights in Yonkers

Yonkers: A Prime Business Location
Business advantage mapJust 23 minutes from downtown Manhattan, Yonkers is a prime location from which to run your business or secure a position with a future. Yonkers offers modern and affordable office, retail and industrial space; encouraging economic incentives for new and growing businesses; an unparalleled expedient transportation network; and a strong telecommunications infrastructure. Yonkers is an ideal place to raise your family, boasting an impressive housing market, healthy wide-open spaces, formidable views of the Hudson and Palisades, excellent educational institutions, and a revitalized downtown with a lively cultural scene, outstanding restaurants and shopping.

Nestled along the mighty Hudson River, Yonkers has been a critical hub for generations of inter-commerce with neighboring cities and states. A leading center of commerce and industry within the Tri-State metropolitan area, Yonkers maintains a proud history of contributing to Manhattan's vitality while simultaneously maintaining the atmosphere and feeling of a more relaxed community. Yonkers is built on a tradition of moving people and product efficiently at the hub of the financial and cultural capital of the world. Yonkers is an ideal place for you and your business.

Productive, Efficient WorkforceProductive, Efficient Workforce
Yonkers offers your business a diverse, plentiful, and well-educated workforce. Yonkers has access to a versatile local labor pool, as well as from surrounding communities in nearby Manhattan and New Jersey. Westchester County is home to numerous technical training schools and more than two-dozen degree granting institutions, which provide ongoing employee training and recruitment for local businesses.

Access to Metropolitan Resources and Unlimited Recreation
Yonkers is just one train stop away from New York City, but is proud to display the charms of a town set near the river. Yonkers offers you the advantages of easy access to every type of financial marketplace or activity imaginable. Within a short distance lies a wealth of possibilities ranging from the New York Stock Exchange, Carnegie Hall, the beaches of Long Island, the New Jersey Shore, the mountains of the Catskills or even skydiving within a morning's drive.

We Are Technology ReadyWe're Wired To The World

We Are Technology Ready
Yonkers has many unique benefits to offer technology driven companies including: exceptional infrastructure, convenience to Manhattan and the Tri-State area, undeniable bottom line cost savings factors and a city administration with a proactive business acumen committed to making your Yonkers-based business succeed.