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Hyatt Place at Cross County

(The new Hyatt Place at Cross County Shopping Center is one of several new hotels to open in Yonkers.)


Yonkers has a strong economic foundation. We are one of the most diverse cities in New York State. We offer an outstanding customer and employee base, and a location where you will enjoy the benefits of the regional economy.

Pro-Business RiverTides

Yonkers is committed to working with investors, developers and small business owners to grow the economy. We’re eager to discuss financial incentives, planning assistance and any help we can provide.

Yonkers at a Glance

Population: With nearly 200,000 residents, Yonkers is New York’s fourth largest city and the largest in Westchester County. Our location adjacent to New York City provides the economic advantages of the country’s biggest city, while also being the gateway to the Hudson Valley.

Labor Force: With a labor force of nearly 100,000 people, 18,000 businesses, and a median income of $57,000, Yonkers has a strong economic base.

Age Range: Nearly 25% of Yonkers’ residents are aged 18 or less, which explains why our school system continues to grow at a time when many other city school districts in New York are shrinking. Seniors make up 15% of the population with the rest being between 18 and 65 years of age.

Diversity: Yonkers is one of the most diverse cities in New York State and the region, with 31% of residents foreign-born, 46% of households speaking a foreign language and a school district comprised of students hailing from 100 different cultures and nationalities.

Quick Facts Yonkers Public Schools

Population: 196,459

Area: 18.3 square miles

Waterfront: 4.5 miles

Government: Elected Mayor, City Council President and six City Council Members

City Workforce: 1,898

Police Workforce: 689

Fire Department Workforce: 460

Fiscal Year 2014 Operation Budget: $990,897,222

Board of Education Operating Budget: $529,953,788

School District: Separate budget and administration, but wholly funded by the City.

Retail Sales Tax: 8.375%

City Tax Rate: $688.93 per $1000 of Assessed Value

Total labor force: 98,841

Unemployment rate: 7.1% (January 2014)

Public Schools: 40

Private/ Parochial Schools: 21

Charter Schools: 1

Colleges: 4 colleges and 2 Seminaries

Parks & Playgrounds: 70 parks and playgrounds, 57 ball fields, 24 tennis courts, 16 senior citizen centers, a skating rink, a rifle and pistol range, an indoor pool and four community centers

Golf Courses: 2 (Dunwoodie and Sprain Lake)

Libraries: 3 branches (Larkin Plaza, Will, Crestwood)

Museum/Planetarium: Hudson River Museum/Andrus Planetarium

Hospitals: 2 (St. John's Riverside, St. Joseph's Medical Center)

Postal Facilities: 5

Hotels/Motels: 6

Media: 1 daily newspaper, 2 weekly newspapers, and 2 Municipal Access Channels

Shopping Malls: 17

Banks: 14 banking institutions and 2 savings and loans associations (over 45 branches)

Rail Service: Metro North Commuter Railroad/Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Bus Service: 20 Routes

Airports: 4 within a 20-40 minute radius