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VACANT PROPERTY - Vacant city owned property is maintained under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Real Estate, 377-6261.

VARIANCE - Appeals for variances should be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals, 377-6535. Final approval granted by the City Council. Permits and inspections, Bureau of Housing and Buildings, 377-6500.

VEHICLES, ABANDONED - Vehicles abandoned on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. If the property owner fails to remove the abandoned vehicle, contact the Mayor's Help Line 377-6000. To remove abandoned vehicles on public property, call the Police Department 377-7900

VENDOR, PERMIT - Obtainable through the Consumer Protection Agency.

VETERANS' SERVICES AGENCY - Provides counseling, administrative services to war veterans, servicemen, widows, children and dependent parents of veterans. Assists in obtaining benefits available under federal, state and local laws, including property tax exemptions, 377-6701.

VETERANS' TAX EXEMPTIONS - Directed through the Veterans' Services Agency. See also "Abatement".

VIDEO GAMES, PERMIT - Permit issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

VITAL STATISTICS - All records are kept and maintained by the office of the City Clerk.

VOTER REGISTRATION - (Westchester County) - Voter registration, information, 285-5700.

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