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SCHOOL CLOSINGS - Listen to 1230 , WFAS-AM Radio,

SCHOOLS - See "Board of Education"

SENIOR CITIZEN CENTERS - Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department supervises Senior Centers Activities and programs.


Office of the Aging                                                377-6822

Housing Assistance                                              963-2460

Meal Service                                                         963-2460

Transportation                                                     963-4411

North Yonkers Preservation/Development Corp. 423-9754

SENIOR CITIZEN TAX ABATEMENT - Contact the Office for the Aging, 377-6823, to determine eligibility.

SEWERS - See "Public Works, Department of". To report a clogged sewer, 377-4357.

SIDEWALKS, REPAIR/INSTALLATION - See "Public Works, Department of", 377-6270

SIGNS – Under the responsibility of the Housing and Buildings Department.

SKATING RINK - Edward J. Murray Skating Center operated by Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, 377-6469 (Parks).

SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL – Maintained through the Department of Public Works.

STATISTICAL INFORMATION - The Planning Bureau provides statistical information on population, demographics, land use and housing units, 377-6558.

STREET CLEANING - Street cleaning is a function of the Department of Public Works. For street cleaning service, 377-4357.

STREET CLOSING PERMIT – Issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

STREET FLOODING - Contact Engineering Department 377-4357 (HELP).

STREETLIGHTS, INSTALLATION AND REPAIR - Maintenance and repair are the responsibility of the Streetlighting Division of the Department of Public Works. To report an outage, call 377-4357.

STREETS, PUBLIC - Maintenance of public streets is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works.

STREET SWEEPING - A function of the Department of Public Works.

SUBDIVISION OF LAND – Contact the Housing and Buildings Department.

SUBPOENAS - Contact City Court 377-6350


Alcoholics Anonymous                                               949-1200

Breakaway                                                                965-1751

Detoxification                                                            964-7529

Maxwell Institute                                                      337-6033

Methadone Clinics:

St. Joseph's Medical Center                                      378-7000

St. John’s Hospital (Park Avenue)                             964-7300

Outlook Program                                                       378-7000

Renaissance Project                                                 423-4466

Student Assistance                                                   674-0400

SUPPORT, CHILD (Westchester County ) - File for child support at 150 Grand Street, White Plains, 995-5781.

SWIMMING POOL – Municipal Pools are maintained by the Parks, Recreation and Conservations Department.

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