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RADIO STATIONS, LOCAL - Westchester's Community Stations: WVOX-1460 AM and
WFAS-1230 AM.

REAL ESTATE, BUREAU OF - Provides information relating to the status of city-owned properties, 377-6260.

REAL ESTATE TAX - The Tax Assessor assesses all properties in the city. See "Taxation, Department of"

RECORDS - The Clerk's Office is responsible for all records, legislation, 377-6020.

RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS & FACILITIES - Maintained through the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department, 377-6450. 

RECYCLING- Administered through the Department of Public Works, the city picks up newspapers and commingles - glass, plastics (#1 and 2 only), and metals, on alternate Wednesdays. Commingles should be clean, and lids removed. Newspapers should be loosely placed in an open container, no plastic bags, 377-6265.

REFUSE COLLECTION - The Department of Public Works providing roll-off container service for multi - family units. The city's Refuse Disposal Facility located at 735 Saw Mill River Road is the city's Recycling Center for residents to dispose of their large bulk items and refuse other than household garbage not placed at the curb for regular pick-up. The facility accepts and processes recyclable items and is open to the public 7:30 a.m. to 430 p.m. Mon-Sat. 377-4357 (HELP).

RIFLE RANGE - Coyne Park Rifle Range, 377-6488.

RUNAWAY HOTLINE – (800) 448-4663 (24 HOURS A DAY)

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