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PARADES, PERMIT – Permits are issued through the Police Department

PARKING AUTHORITY- Operates on-street parking meters and off-street parking lots throughout the city, 965-2467.

PARKING AUTHORITY BOARD - Five member board, appointed by the Mayor, charged with constructing, operating, maintaining parking facilities, buildings, and structures for storage of motor and other vehicles necessary and/or convenient to its purpose, 965-2467.

PARKING FINES – Are the responsibility of the Parking Violations Bureau.

PARKING VIOLATIONS BUREAU - Administers processing of parking tickets/collection of payments, 377-6600.

PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS – Maintained by the Parks and Recreations Department.


- Responsible for maintenance of parks, playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts, and indoor centers. The department accommodates recreational needs, offers free cultural events, concerts/theatrical productions. Community Recreation Program involves workshops/classes in crafts, photography, dance, music, exercise, sports. Recreational facilities are maintained by Division of Parks Maintenance. The nursery/greenhouse provides flowers and shrubs for parks and outdoor areas. Tree maintenance/stump removal is the responsibility of the Shade Tree Division. The department oversees composting efforts, and manages the city's Animal Shelter, Bureau of Youth Services, 377-6450.

Recreational Usage Permits:

Boat Docking
Community Center Usage
Indoor Recreational Usage
Outdoor Recreational Usage
Photos - Untermyer Park
Rifle Range
Tennis Permit
Vendor (facility usage permit)

PARKS, RECREATION AND CONSERVATION, BOARD OF - Seven member board recommends qualifications of nominees for position of Commissioner, makes recommendations upon basic policies with respect to parks related programs; develops long - range plans for parks, open space acquisitions, facilities development in conjunction with the Planning Board and Commissioner; approve matters related to parks regulation use and fees, 377-6450.

PEDDLER, LICENSE – May be issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

PERMITS - See individual listings

PERSONNEL - Personnel is charged with recruitment, personnel records, labor relations, risk management, workers' compensation, management development and training, employee benefits, equal employment, affirmative action. Applications for employment are available in the Personnel Department.

PHOTOS, PERMIT – Issued through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.

PICNIC, PERMIT - Issued through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT - Provides the fiscal and administrative support for the bureaus under its jurisdiction: Community Development, Planning and Real Estate. Oversees funding acquisition and appropriation, 377-6650.

PLANNING BOARD - Seven member board, responsible for approving master plans, changes to city map; makes recommendations to City Council on zoning ordinance and amendments made, as well as site plans review for certain zones, overlays and parking requirements for certain land uses, 377-6558.

PLANNING BUREAU - Responsible for municipal planning by studying current and forecasted future of the physical, economic and social conditions in the city. Develops plans for resolving city problems and achieving city and neighborhood goals as identified by city agencies and citizens. Assists other departments in areas of environmental planning, 377-6558.

PLUMBING BUREAU - Responsible for inspections of all premises where plumbing is being installed or repairs to plumbing are being made. Review plans and applications for plumbing permits, 377-6566.


In case of Emergency, Dial 911.

POLICE DEPARTMENT - The City's police department serves as the law enforcement branch of government. The department is divided into two bureaus: Field Services Bureau and the Support Services Bureau.

In case of emergency dial 911.

For all other business call 377-7900.

Headquarters/Cacace Justice Center 104 South Broadway

1st Precinct – 730 East Grassy Sprain Road
2nd Precinct – 441Central Park Avenue
3rd Precinct – 435 Riverdale Avenue
4th Precinct – 53 Shonnard Place

POOLS, MUNICIPAL – Maintained by the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department.

POOLS, PERMITS FOR INSTALLATION – Issued through the Housing and Building Department.

POST OFFICE - 378-3600

- Pothole repair is a function of the Department of Public Works. To report a pothole, call 377-4357.

POLES, DOWN - To report a fallen light pole, 377-4357.

PRIVATE INDUSTRY COUNCIL - Utilizes state grant money to provide free job training to income eligible participants, 964-0105.

PROPERTY APPRAISAL – Conducted by the Assessment Department.

PROPERTY TAX – Collected and monitored by the Taxation Department.

PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENTS FOR SENIORS - Contact Office for the Aging 377-6822 for determination of eligibility.

PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS FOR VETERANS – Monitored by the Veterans' Services Agency. See also “Abatement”.

PUBLIC WORKS, DEPARTMENT OF - Responsible for maintenance of city's infrastructure, which consists of sewer and water systems, responsible for cleaning and maintaining streets, street lights, snow removal, refuse collection/disposal, repairs potholes and oversees city's recycling efforts, 377-6270.

PURCHASING, BUREAU OF – Acquires goods and services in compliance with the applicable Federal, State and City laws, rules, and regulations to support all City departments, 377-6030.

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