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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SERVICES - Supervises, directs and coordinates automated data and information processing services of the city, 377-6601

MAP, CITY - Copies of the City map may be purchased at the Engineering Department, 377-6210. A searchable map of the City of Yonkers using Yahoo.

MARINA, MUNICIPAL - The JFK Marina and Boat Launch is located on JFK Marina Blvd. off Warburton Avenue, and maintained by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, 377-6450.

MARRIAGE LICENSE - See "City Clerk, Permits/Licenses"

MAYOR, OFFICE OF THE - The Mayor is the chief elected official in city government, serving as the Chief Executive Officer, elected by the citizens for a four year term. The Mayor appoints commissioners and employees in administrative service, excluding employees under the jurisdiction of the Legislative branch of government. The Mayor appoints the Board of Education Trustees, the Planning Board, Parks Board, Private Industry Council, Parking Authority, and serves as liaison between city and government officials at County, State and Federal levels. Mayor Mike Spano, 377-6300.

MEETINGS, CITY COUNCIL - The City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, excluding July, August and December. Meetings are open to the public and are televised live on the city's municipal access cable station. See "City Council, Office of"


Center for Preventive Psychiatry         965-1109

Support Case Management                 965-5252

St. Joseph's Medical Center                 378-7000

St. Vincent's Hospital                            967-6500

Westchester Jewish Community Services :

Center Yonkers Clinic                            423-4433

East Yonkers Clinic                                793-3565

MOTOR VEHICLE BUREAU - Contact New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, 800-342-5368.


American Red Cross                                         946-6500

Cluster                                                             963-6440

Community Planning Council                            969-3616

Nepperhan Community Center                        965-0203

North Yonkers Preservation and Development Corp 423-9754

Runyon Heights Improvement Assoc               969-2733

Salvation Army                                                963-1222

Yonkers Community Action Program              423-5905

YMCA                                                             963-0183

YWCA                                                             963-0640

MUNICIPAL HOUSING AUTHORITY - Manages public housing in the city, 793-8400.

MUNICIPAL HOUSING AUTHORITY BOARD - Five member board investigates living conditions in municipal housing and means of improving such conditions, 793-8400.


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