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LANDLORD/TENANT COURT - located at the Cacace Justice Center, 104 South Broadway. Family Court is at 53 South Broadway. 377-6377

LAND USE - See "Planning and Development, Department of"

LAUNDROMATS, LICENSE TO OPERATE - issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

LAW DEPARTMENT (Corporation Counsel) - The Law Department is the city lawyer. Represents all agencies, prepares legislation, provides legal advice, prosecutes cases violating city ordinances.

LEAF BURNING - Illegal to burn leaves. During Composting Season (Oct./early Dec.) leaves should be placed in brown paper compostable bags, and placed at curbside on Wednesday (recycling day). During spring, leaves should be brought to the organic site at 610 Nepperhan Avenue.


LEASH LAW - Dogs, on public property, must be kept on a leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length.


LIBRARY - Three branches lend books, magazines, pamphlets, records, audio/video cassettes, government documents, compact discs, 337-1500.
Main Branch, One Larkin Center
Grinton I. Will Branch, 1500 Central Park Avenue
Crestwood Branch, 16 Thompson Street

LIBRARY BOARD - Five member board, responsible for providing public library service to all residents. Formulates, implements overall objectives, policies for the Public Library and determines how to expend appropriations from the City, 337-1500.

LICENSE, DOG - Issued through the office of the City Clerk.

LICENSE, DRIVER'S - Contact New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, 800-342-5368.

LICENSE, FISHING/HUNTING - Issued through the office of the City Clerk.

LIQUOR LICENSE - under the responsibility of the City Clerk.

LOANS, BUSINESS - Contact the Office of Economic Development, 377-6797

LOCKSMITH, LICENSE - Issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

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