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HANDICAPPED, PARKING - To obtain a handicapped parking permit, contact the Americans with Disabilities Compliance, 377-6609.

HAWKING – Licenses may be obtained through the Consumer Protection Agency.

HAZARDOUS WASTES - To report an incident of hazardous wastes, contact Fire Reports, 377-7525.

HEALTH, DEPARTMENT OF - Westchester County , main number, 813-5000
                                               Yonkers District Office, 231-2500


Aids Related Community Services (ARCS)                                345-8888



Alzheimer's Disease                                                                 428-1919



American Cancer Society                                                          949-4800



Blind, Westchester Lighthouse                                                683-7500



Burke Rehabilitation Center                                                     948-0050



Cerebral Palsy Association                                                       937-3800



Home for the Aged Blind                                                          963-4661



Paratransit ( West County )                                                       995-2957



Westchester Disabled on the Move                                         968-4717



Jawonio (WorkLink)                                                                 963-8666

HEAT - For emergency, call 965-3331(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)/bi-lingual.

HELP - City of Yonkers Help Line 377-4357 (HELP)

HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Promotes, preserves and maintains information on Yonkers landmarks, 961-8940.

HOME HEALTH SERVICES - See "Health Department"


Community Development, Bureau of                377-6650



Department of Social Services                         231-2000



Fair Housing Office                                           377-6693



Housing Action Council                                     332-4146



Municipal Housing Authority                             793-8400



Rent Office Administration                                948-4435



Sharing Community Shelter                             963-2626



Tenant/Landlord Relations ( West County )       995-2738



Westhab                                                          376-0063

HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTORS - See "Consumer Protection Agency, Permits"


Family Services Society of Yonkers                   963-5118



Westchester Jewish Community Services        949-1415




• NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital        787-1000



St. John's Riverside Hospital                           964-4444



St. Joseph 's Hospital                                     378-7000



Westchester County Medical Center              493-7000



St. John’s Riverside Park Care Pavilion          964-7300

HOUSING (AFFORDABLE) OFFICE – Assists households who qualify, to find and pay for homes, condominiums, co-op apartments and rental apartments, 377-6693.



HOUSING AND BUILDING, BUREAU OF - Responsible for enforcement of NYS Fire and Building Code, City's zoning ordinance, sign ordinance, housing and construction code. Issues certificates of occupancy or violations on facilities which do or do not meet code standards. Investigates complaints concerning housing problems and multi-residence inspections for safety; issues annual renewals on signs, operating permits for boilers. Reviews proposed new construction plans, and issues permits. The Bureau performs inspections of elevators/escalators, and heat and hot water conditions. Oversees rodent control program. Vacant city-owned lots, within the Community Development Agency target zone, are cleaned and monitored. The Bureau enforces electrical code. Plumbing Bureau falls under jurisdiction of Housing and Buildings, 377-6500.

HOUSING CODE – maintained and under the responsibility of the Housing and Building Department.


HUMAN RESOURCES - Includes Civil Service and Personnel. Personnel is charged with recruitment, personnel records, labor relations, risk management, workers' compensation, management development and training, employee benefits, equal employment, affirmative action. Applications for employment are available in the Personnel Department, 377-6178.

HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION - A Commission consisting of 15 commissioners appointed by the City Council, which represent the various ethnic groups indicative of the City. Responsible to provide services on a voluntary basis, there is a staff component, which is law enforcement in character by virtue of their execution of the New York State Human Rights Law. This includes allegations of Discrimination in the areas of: Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation, Credit, Education, Retaliation, Boycotting/Black Listing based on race/color, sex, national origin, marital status, age, familial status (housing only) disability, and arrest/conviction records. The office maintains an Affirmative Action component which effectuates the mandatory submissions to the various regulatory Agencies and monitors the City's workforce in respect to compliance with the various "Equal Employment Opportunity" statutes, 377-6280.



HUNTING LICENSE - See "City Clerk, Permits/Licenses"



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