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FAMILY COURT - located at the Cacace Justice Center, 104 South Broadway. Family Court is at 53 South Broadway - 831-6550.

FENCING - All structural matters on private property are the responsibility of the Housing and Building Department.

FILMING PERMITS - Are obtainable through the Mayor's Film Office.

FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Handles general accounting, receivables, payables for the city. Records grants from federal, state sources and revenue from taxes on real estate and water, sewer services, permits; levies all taxes, 377-6100.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - See "Employment and Financial Assistance Services". For business loans, see "Economic Development, Bureau of"

FIRE - In case of Emergency, Dial 911

FIREARMS - All handguns must be registered with the Westchester County Clerk's Office, White Plains, 995-3080.

FIRE DEPARTMENT - Charged with protecting life and property. Provides inspection and prevention education programs, and is the city's designated first responder for emergencies, 377-7500.

Headquarters/Fire Station #1- 5-7 New School Street

Fire Station #3 - 96 Vark Street

Fire Station #4 - 36 Radford Street

Fire Station #6 - 81 Oak Street

Fire Station #7 - 441 Central Park Ave

Fire Station #8 - 573 Warburton Ave

Fire Station #9 - 53 Shonnard Place

Fire Station #10 - 573 Saw Mill River Rd

Fire Station #11 - 433 Bronxville Road

Fire Station #12 - 75 Fortfield Ave

Fire Station #13 - 340 Kimball Ave

Fire Station #14 - 2187 Central Park Ave

FIRE INVESTIGATIONS - The investigations Unit within the Fire Department investigates suspected arson cases. Information concerning such cases should be reported to 377-7516.

FIRE PREVENTION/FIRE SAFETY - The Fire Inspections Office enforces the Fire Prevention Code. The Fire Safety Office provides fire and burn safety classes, displays for school children, 377-7525.

FIRE PREVENTION APPEALS BOARD - Three member board which modifies provisions of the Fire Prevention Code upon written application of owner/lessee provided public safety is secure; hears appeals of Fire Commissioner decisions as to disapproval of permit application, 377-7500.

FISHING LICENSE - Are obtainable throught the office of the City Clerk.

FLOOD CONTROL - Program is the responsibility of the Engineering Department.

Sharing Community (open 7 days a week, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.) 963-2626.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION - Requests for Freedom of Information documents should be directed to the office of the Mayor, 377-6300.

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