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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, OFFICE OF - First point of contact for firms wishing to do business with the city. Supports the promotion and coordination of development activities within the city,

ELECTRICAL CODE - is the responsibility of the Housing and Building Department.

ELECTRICITY - Contact Con Edison, 965-6900.

ELEVATOR INSPECTIONS - rendered through the Department of Housing and Buildings.

EMERGENCY - Call 911

EMERGENCY SHELTER/ASSISTANCE - See "Civil Defense, Office of" or contact the American Red Cross at 946-6500.

EMPIRE ZONE PROGRAM - New York State tax incentive and benefit program available to businesses in designated areas, 377-6797.

EMPOWERMENT ZONE PROGRAM – Federal tax benefit and incentive program available to businesses in designated areas, 862-7006.


Department of Labor (NYS)                                 965-9500

Department of Social Services (West. Cty.)        995-5000

Economic Development                                      377-6797

Industrial Development Agency                         377-6797

Social Security Administration                            (800) 772-1213

Yonkers Local Assistance Corp.                         377-6797

Yonkers Private Industry Council                       964-0105 

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS, CITY, - Personnel is charged with recruitment, personnel records, labor relations, risk management, workers' compensation, management development and training, employee benefits, equal employment, affirmative action. Applications for employment are available in the Personnel Department.

ENCROACHMENTS - For encroachment on city property, contact Engineering 377-6210. For encroachment on private property, see "Housing and Building, Bureau of"

ENGINEERING, DEPARTMENT OF - Engineering studies designs, specifications and contract documents, bidding requirements and analysis; performs inspection and supervision of construction and recording of payment data for projects. The department prepares legislation, easement limits and descriptions, condemnation, street descriptions, surveys, research projects. The department is responsible for street improvements, storm/sanitary sewers, drainage investigations/flood control, street opening permits, 377-6210.

ETHICS - Code of Ethics is under the responsibility of the Board of Ethics. Five members, appointed by the Mayor, Confirmed by the City Council.

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