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CABLEVISION - Contact Cablevision of Westchester, 378-8960.

CITY HALL TELEVISION, CITY OPERATED - The City of Yonkers operates its own municipal access cable station, which broadcasts City Council meetings and government-oriented programming. Channel 78, Cable TV, 377-6074

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM - A plan for capital expenditures to be incurred each year over a period of five years setting forth each project to be expended in each year and the method of financing those expenditures (i.e.(re) construction of buildings, streets, sewers, parks).

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY - Are ossued through the Housing and Buildings Department.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Serves as an advocate of the business community, representing a diversified membership of retail, industry, professionals and service organizations, 963-0332.


Andrus Children's Home               965-3700

Big Brothers, Big Sisters               948-8004

Boy Scouts                                   773-1135

Day Care Council                         761-3456

Girl Scouts                                   747-3080

Leake & Watts Home                  375-8700

Student Advocacy Coalition         347-7039

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program 964-4454

Work Employment Services         423-5900

Yonkers Residential Center         476-6502

Youth Services Bureau                377-6436

Youth Theater Interaction Group  963-3040

CITY CLERK, OFFICE OF THE - Appointed by the City Council for a five year term, the clerk prepares the council agendas, and takes minutes of the meetings. The Clerk's Office is responsible for all records, legislation. The Office enforces bingo and games of regulation and is custodian of elections, 377-6020.


· Birth Certificate

· Death Certificate

· Burglar Alarm

· Dog License

· Fishing License

· Hunting License

· Marriage License

· Liquor License

· Trapping License

· Tow-Away(Private Parking)

CITY CODE - A copy of the city's codes can be viewed in the City Clerk's Office or the Yonkers Public Library.

CITY COUNCIL, OFFICE OF THE - Comprised of six members, elected for a two year term. Main purpose is to introduce and approve legislation, set policy, approve city budget, and set tax rate. They provide advice and consent on Mayor appointments of city commissioners. Meetings, open to the public, are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, except July, August, and December. Agendas are available in the City Clerk's Office.

CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE - Presiding officer of the City Council, who presides at City Council meetings; The Council President acts as city-wide ombudsperson who responds to individual constituent requests and community concerns, 377-6060.

Chuck Lesnick               Council President        377-6060

CITY COURT - Criminal, Civil, Traffic Court, Landlord/Tenant, Family (Juvenile) are located at the Cacace Justice Center, 104 South Broadway. Family Court is at 53 South Broadway.

Main #                 831-6450

Criminal Division  831-6930

Civil Division        831-6920

Traffic Division     831-6910

Family Court        377-2950

CITY HALL - Main phone number, 377-6000.

CIVIL DEFENSE OFFICE - Coordinates all public, private agencies in the event of natural or nuclear disasters, 377-7325.

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - Three-member board, appointed by the Mayor, responsible for administration and application of State Civil Service Law to current and prospective employees of the city, city agencies, Board of Education, except certificated employees (teachers, administrators), 377-6092.

CODE ENFORCEMENT BUREAU - Enforces the City Code (excluding Building and Fire codes) using citywide patrol; responds to citizens' complaints, especially regarding quality of life issues and sanitation violations, 377-6888.

COIN-OPERATED MACHINES - Monitored by the Consumer Protection Agency.

COMMUNITY CENTERS - fall under the responsibility of the Parks and Recreations Department.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY - Seven member board, appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the City Council, which handles acquisitions, dispositions in conjunction with Urban Renewal Area. Both a City and a local agency, 377-6650.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, BUREAU OF - Administers Housing, public facilities and public service programs funded by H.U.D. 377-6650.

CONSTRUCTION CODES - The Housing and Buildings Department is reponsible for overseeing Construction Codes.

CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY - Guarantees consumers' rights in the marketplace, enforces consumer protection laws, educates public about consumer problems, 377-6807.


CONTRACTORS - Licenses are issued through the Consumer Protection Agency.

COUNTY POLICE - Westchester County Parks & Highways only, 769-3100.

COURTS - Criminal, Civil, Traffic Court, Landlord/Tenant, Family (Juvenile) are located at the Cacace Justice Center, 104 South Broadway. Family Court is at 53 South Broadway.

CRIMINAL COURT - located at the Cacace Justice Center, 104 South Broadway. Family Court is at 53 South Broadway.
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