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 BILLBOARDS - The Buildings and Housing Department is responsible for the regulation of Billboards.
 BINGO LICENSE - Bingo Licenses are obtainable through the office of the City Clerk.

 BIRTH CERTIFICATES - The City Clerk's Office is responsible for all records including birth certificates, 377-6020.

BLOCK PARTIES - Block party permits are obtainable through the office of Consumer Protection, 377-6910.
BOARD OF CONTRACT AND SUPPLY – Approves recommendations submitted by City departments to award contracts or reject bids, 377-6030.
BOARD OF EDUCATION - Sets educational policy, prepares and administers annual school budget, selects Superintendent of Schools and other chief administrators. Funded by the City of Yonkers, 376-8000.
BOARD OF ELECTIONS (Westchester County) - Voter registration, information, 995-5700.
BOARD OF ETHICS - Five members, appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by City Council. Renders opinions on potential conflicts of interest; requests and reviews confidential disclosure statements of city officials. Contact city's Law Department.
BOARD OF TRUSTEES, BOARD OF EDUCATION - Nine members, appointed by the Mayor, serve a five year term. Legally constituted body, charged with establishing policy for the maintenance and operation of the city's school district. Contact Board of Education, 376-6000.
BOAT DOCKING - Permits are obtainable through the Department of Parks and Recreations.
BUDGET, BUREAU OF MANAGEMENT AND - Prepares and develops the City Budget and Four Year Financial Plan; monitors revenue and expenditure data throughout the year; conducts managerial studies to enhance productivity and cost effective operative procedures City budget may be viewed at the City Clerk's Office, City Hall.
 BUILDING DEPARTMENT - Responsible for enforcement of NYS Fire and Building Code, city's zoning ordinance, sign ordinance, housing and construction code. Issues certificates of occupancy or violations on facilities which do or do not meet code standards. Investigates complaints concerning housing problems and multi-residence inspections for safety; issues annual renewals on signs, operating permits for boilers. Reviews proposed new construction plans, and issues permits. The Bureau performs inspections of elevators/escalators, and heat and hot water conditions. Oversees rodent control program. Vacant city-owned lots, within the Community Development Agency target zone, are cleaned and monitored. The Bureau enforces electrical code. Plumbing Bureau falls under jurisdiction of Housing and Buildings.
BUILDING PERMITS - Housing and Buildings Department oversees all Building Permits, 377-6500.
BULK PICK-UP - Bulk items must be taken to the city's Recycling Center, 735 Saw Mill River Road, or arrange to have them carted privately. Recycling Center hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday. 
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - The Economic Development Office is responsible for the promotion  of Business Development within the City of Yonkers, 377-6797.
BUSINESS LICENSE - Licenses may be obtained through the Westchester County Clerk's Office, White Plains, 995-3080.

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