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For Residents and Businesses

List your Property as a Film Location

Nearly every week, you'll find a film, television or photography production company on location in Yonkers. While City Hall, Yonkers Train Station, Untermyer Gardens and the Downtown Waterfront are popular locations for filming, many production companies film in private homes and businesses.

When a production company films in a private home, property or businesses, the production company enters into a contract with the property owner. Please keep in mind that the Mayor's Office of Film & Photography does not involve itself in negotiations between a private property owner and a production company; however, every film that shoots in the City of Yonkers must have a permit to do so.

1. Publicize Your Home, Property or Business

Often times production companies will contact Film Yonkers for a list of private locations that are available for filming. Add your contact information, address and photos of your property to our private location database.

2. Verify that the Production has a Film Yonkers Permit

If your property has been selected for a film or photography shoot and you'd like to verify that the production company is permitted by Film Yonkers, contact us:at (914) 377-6043 or

3. Consider These Helpful Guidelines 

Do your homework. Before you enter into a contract with a production company, consider the size of the shoot and the logistics involved. Keep in mind that the number of individuals (both cast and crew); the number and types of vehicles that may be parked on your property; the number of preparation, shoot and wrap days; and the number of shoot hours during each day vary greatly from production to production.

Agree on a fee. To promote a film-friendly business environment, Film Yonkers does not charge production companies a fee for filming at private locations. All fees are arranged between the production company and property owner. When agreeing to a fee, consider the size of the production; the budget of the production (which vary greatly from small, independent films to large feature films); and the impact on your home or businesses..

Inspect your home. Conduct a thorough inspection of your property with representatives from the production company before filming begins and after the film has wrapped.