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City of Yonkers Open Call for Sculpture Rules

The City of Yonkers (“City”) and the Yonkers Community Development agency are holding an Open Call for Sculpture Competition "Competition" to sell artwork to the city that will be displayed in the Saw Mill River Daylighting III Park on New Main Street. 

  • The contest is open to all artists, ages 18 and up. 
  • By submitting an entry, you certify that you are the sole artist(s) and that the artwork is original, and that no other person may claim any rights of ownership to the submission.
  • All entries must be received by 12:00PM on March 31st, 2019.  The municipality will not consider entries submitted after this date/time. 
  • All entries must be submitted through the City of Yonkers’ website at All artists must submit a proposal including a narrative describing how their work conveys the theme, specs such as medium, size, and weight, and the Photoshop rendering of the sculpture. Artists must also include their artist statement, bio and website. Photos should be sent in: gif, .jpg, .png, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .pdf, or txt format. If the artist is unable to submit their proposal electronically, please call the department of Planning and Development: (914) 377-6003. 
  • Artists should keep in mind that children actively occupy the park and will be interacting with the sculptures. Sharp edges or fragile materials should be avoided. Sculpture needs to be durable and weather resistant. Submissions need not be inclusive of all three themes but address at least one.
  • One sculpture submission per artist.  
  • Submissions must relay themes of environmental awareness, such as the paramount role of the Saw Mill River influencing the return of wildlife native to this area, and a celebration of our veterans which will honor the presence of the Department of Veterans’ Services on New Main Street.
  • The city will pay the selected artist $5,000 for complete ownership of the work. No additional stipends or payments will be offered. 
  • Each artist is responsible for bringing their sculptures on site for installation in summer 2019. 
  • Selection: Your selection will be reviewed by staff of the Department of Planning and Development and any other city agency as required. 
  • The City will be purchasing and owning the artwork. 
  • Contestants agree to allow the City the right to use their artwork or images of the artwork, sound recordings, photographs, video tape, and/or illustrations, taken during or in connection with this contest, as well as the contestant’ names, characters, voices, and/or likenesses, for any non-commercial use, including but not limited to the use on the City’s website, other social media outlets, and print and television media.
  • The City reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest, or any portion thereof, at any time without prior notice.
  • The City reserves the right to amend these rules, without prior notice, as and when it deems necessary.
  • Artists will be required to enter on agreement with the City. 

By participating in the contest, contestants acknowledge and agree to the following: 

(1) You have read the official rules and procedures and agree to be bound by them in full.

(2) You certify that your entry, and all  artwork and/or design that you have provided is your original work and has not been copied from some other source.

(3) You understand that the City is not responsible for loss or damage to any artwork and/or design.

(4) You release all employees, agents, contractors and officials of the City from any and all liabilities with regard to said artwork and understand that no payment will be rendered for the artwork or any part thereof.

(5) You acknowledge that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older.

(6) You execute this release voluntarily as my own free act and deed.