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(The renowned Hudson River Museum in Yonkers.)

Art & Museums

The day lasts as long as you want it to in Yonkers, thanks to the city’s variety of educational, cultural and entertainment offerings. From the renowned Hudson River Museum and Andrus Planetarium to art and sculptures on the waterfront esplanade to historic Philipse Manor Hall, Yonkers has something to offer everyone.

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Galleries, Museum and Venues

Andrus Planetarium

Blue Door Art Center

The Blue Door Art center is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the arts to local communities throughout Westchester that are currently underserved by arts programs and exhibition venues. Blue Door accomplishes this through exhibitions in their gallery, educational programs and workshops, public arts projects, poetry readings and performances, and special events.

Community Engagement Through the Arts

Hudson River Museum

The largest cultural institution in Westchester County, the Hudson River Museum is a multi-disciplinary complex that draws its identity from its site on the banks of the magestic Hudson River, and seeks to broaden the cultural horizons of all its visitors. The Museum also features a new open-air performance amphitheater and state-of-the-art Planetarium.

Philipse Manor Hall

Philipse Manor Hall serves as a museum of history, art and architecture, as well as host to community organizations, meetings, educational programs and special events. Highlights of the Hall include its 18th century, high style Georgian architecture, a 1750s papier mache Rococo ceiling, and an impressive collection of presidential portraits, including the six Presidents from New York State. A Community Gallery has been created at Philipse Manor Hall to display materials which support the Manor Hall's programs and services and relate to the local community.

Riverfront Art Gallery Riverfront Art Gallery

The Riverfront Yonkers Public Library has long been the cultural center for the arts in Yonkers. The gallery exhibits contemporary, nationally and internationally acclaimed artwork. The mission of the gallery is to present a diverse and balanced schedule of exhibits of high caliber, progressive artwork and related programs not frequently seen in Yonkers and surrounding communities, as well as arts programming related to current exhibits.

Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak

Launched June 2013, the Center for the Urban River at Beczak (CURB) is an alliance of Sarah Lawrence College and the Hudson River Valley Environmental Education Institute. The mission of CURB is to advance environmental knowledge and stewardship by providing high quality K-12 environmental education for the local community, establishing a regional hub for research and monitoring focused on Hudson River estuary and urban watershed issues, and serving as a welcoming open community space for a variety of civic and cultural activities.

Science Barge

The Science Barge is a prototype sustainable urban farm developed by NY Sun Works and acquired by Groundwork Hudson Valley in October 2008 to be operated as an environmental education center. The Science Barge greenhouse, floating on the Hudson River, grows an abundance of fresh produce including tomatoes, melons, greens, and lettuce with zero net carbon emissions, zero pesticides, and zero runoff. All of the energy needed to power the Barge is generated by solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels while the hydroponic greenhouse is irrigated solely by collected  rainwater and purified river water, thus operating completely “off the grid.”

Sherwood House Museum

The historic Sherwood House Museum is maintained by the Yonkers Historical Society. Built in 1740, it is the oldest Colonial farmhouse in Yonkers and is located at 340 Tuckahoe Road. The museum is open Sunday afternoons 1pm-4pm from September-November and April-June, as well as for special events and by appointment.

Mayor Spano Announces the new Carpet Mills Arts District

YoHo Artist Studios

Housed in the former Alexander Smith Carpet Mills, once the nation's largest carpet manufacturer, YoHo Artist Studios is an artist collective that offers artist work studios and lofts, creative office space and mixed-use facilities for artists of every discipline, including painters, photographers, sculpturists, textile artists, musicians and new media specialists.

Yonkers Police Museum

The Yonkers Police Museum was established in 1978 by Deputy Chief George E. Rutledge (Ret.), who is also the departments historian. The exhibit began with his personal collection, and has since grown through the donations made by family members of former Yonkers officers. It is presently located in Police Headquarters in the Cacace Justice Center at 104 South Broadway. The museum offers visitors a unique look back in time into our department from its inception on April 10,1871, to the present time.