Message from Mayor Spano

I am very pleased to report that the City of Yonkers is making great progress in the areas of energy and the environment. Whether it's recently completed energy efficiency upgrades to city buildings, the city's LED street light project or the city's green development program, we're seeing some remarkable results. City taxpayers are on track to save $20 million  in energy costs over 10 years. We're cutting the carbon footprint of government operations by 12 percent. We're creating good jobs right here in Yonkers. City government is now leading by example and there is a great momentum building around sustainability in Yonkers. 

LED Street Lights

But now it's time to spur the next phase of the city's sustainable development.

That’s why we launched Yonkers Green City, a community led initiative where thousands of individuals, businesses and government officials are making great progress creating an even more healthy, vibrant and attractive community for all those who live and work in or visit Yonkers. It's a way to showcase the great progress we're making as a city. But more than that, it's a resource to support smart decisions and a community of people whose collective actions are shaping the future of this city.

I encourage you to take a look through this webpage - submit your ideas, ask questions, and work collaboratively in support of a thriving and resilient Yonkers.


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