Storm Response

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Snow plow fleet

Storm Response

The City maintains an operational Snow Headquarters, which dispatches all personnel and snow and ice control vehicles. The degree of the City’s response is dependent upon the severity of the anticipated storm, but a typical response is as follows: 

  • Brine and salt is applied to pre-designated routes, including all of the City’s major arterial roadways, up to 48 hours prior to a storm 
  • Snow plowing begins once snow accumulates to two inches
  • Plowing priority is given to major arterial roadways to ensure those roads are open, clear and safely passable for emergency vehicles no later than four hours after snowfall ends
  • Secondary streets are to be plowed no later than eighteen hours after snowfall ends
  • Dead-ends, cul-de-sacs and narrow streets are cleared after primary and secondary roads
  • After the storm, immediate attention will be given to increasing usable roadway widths and, if necessary, hauling snow away from critical areas to make room for street parking
  • In order to clear critical areas of snow, the City may utilize City parks as snow dumping sites

In addition to DPW’s response: Salt Barn

  • The Parks Department clears City park perimeters, stairs and non-sheltered bus stops along Central Park  Avenue
  • The Board of Education (BOE) salts, plows and clears school parking lots and ensures all school walking paths are safely passable
  • The Yonkers Parking Authority (YPA) is responsible for maintaining all YPA parking facilities

Snow Emergency Routes

Several thoroughfares in the City are designated as Snow Emergency Routes. 

View a map of Snow Emergency Routes and Primary Streets

Snow Emergency Routes are marked with red roadside signs. During a storm, curbside parking may be suspended on these routes and illegally parked cars may be ticketed and/ or towed at the owners’ expense.

Snow Emergency

If the City experiences extended periods of heavy snowfall or blizzard-like conditions, the Mayor may declare a Snow Emergency.