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Winter in Yonkers

Residents’ Responsibilities

Every Yonkers resident has a part to play in responding to a winter weather storm. By following parking regulations; avoiding non-emergency travel, when possible; not shoveling snow onto the street; and ensuring your sidewalks and fire hydrants are clear of snow and ice, you can help assure a more timely City response to snow and ice storms.

Report a Problem

To report a problem or concern, please call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Help Line at (914) 377-HELP (4357) or use our Problem Solver app.


Residents are responsible for complying with all parking regulations, including alternate side of the street parking, metered parking and snow emergency route parking regulations.

View a map of snow emergency routes

Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles in their driveways, if applicable, to help expedite snow and ice control measures.

Sidewalks and Fire Hydrants Winter in Yonkers

Residents, business owners, property owners and renters are reminded to clear their fire hydrants and ensure their sidewalks are clear and clean of snow and ice within six hours after every snowfall, which ends in the daytime, and before 12:00 pm of the day after any snowfall, which occurs during the night (City Ordinance No. 90-7).

Plowing and Shoveling

Residents, business owners, property owners and renters should not plow or shovel onto the street. Keeping streets clear will help ensure that fire, police and ambulance crews can safely access emergency routes.

Important Phone Numbers 

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Contact Con Edison

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