Yonkers Police Museum

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The police museum exhibit is filled with police items actually used over the years by police officers and are on display in glass cases for easy viewing. In addition there are photographs, certificates of appointment, uniforms, Yonkers police shields, billy clubs, dress batons, etc, all providing a glimpse back in time.

The Yonkers Police Museum was established in 1978 by Deputy Chief George E. Rutledge (Ret.), who is also the departments historian. The exhibit began with his personal collection, and has since grown through the donations made by family members of former Yonkers officers. It is presently located in Police Headquarters in the Cacace Justice Center at 104 South Broadway. The museum offers visitors a unique look back in time into our department from its inception on April 10,1871, to the present time, by the use of viewing police artifacts such as old uniforms, handguns, badges, dress batons, nightsticks, handcuffs, a large archive of photos, and other police related memorabilia.

The Museum is maintained and operated by the Yonkers Police Historical Society, a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving the memory of all those officers who have faithfully served the Yonkers community over the years. Currently, funding to maintain the exhibit is acquired exclusively through "private donations".

The Yonkers Police Museum is open for viewing to individuals or groups by appointment only and has become a valuable asset to help the Yonkers Police Department educate the citizens of Yonkers about police work. The Department historians verbally guide visitors from 1866 to the present time, emphasizing the proud history of the Yonkers Police Department. To make an appointment please contact Community Affairs Division at 914-377-7375.


Information provided by Deputy Chief George Rutledge (Ret.)
Photo's by PO Nick Brilis (Ret.)