Training Division

Commanding Officer
Captain Vincent Castelli

Police Training Division

730 E Grassy Sprain Rd, Yonkers, New York

Phone: 377-7364

The goal of the Training Division is to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each officer to meet the challenges of contemporary policing. To achieve that goal a comprehensive training program is provided to officers throughout their careers. From the first day on the job through retirement, officers receive continuous training in law, human relations, tactics, physical training, patrol and investigative techniques. In addition, the proficiency of civilian members of the department is enhanced through an ongoing training program.

The Training Division is staffed by certified police instructors. In addition, a number of department members who have expertise in particular areas are brought in to instruct police personnel. All instructors have received certification by the Department of Criminal Justice Services as certified police instructors. Furthermore, when specialized instruction is required officers receive instruction from either consultants who are brought in to teach particular topics or the officers are sent outside the department to receive instruction.

All police recruits receive twenty weeks of instruction at the Westchester County Police Academy. There, academic subjects, physical training, and defensive tactics are taught. After graduation, an extensive orientation program is presented to recruits followed by a lengthy field training program with an experienced officer. Throughout their careers, officers receive a minimum of three days of in-service training to keep current in the ever evolving police profession as well as to maintain proficiency in firearms and other defensive tactics. Many receive much more. A remediation program is also available when skill levels wane.

The Training Division is responsible for the planning, development, administration, and documentation of all police training programs for all recruits, in service personnel, police and fire dispatchers, City Marshals, detention officers Auxiliary Police Officers, and various other groups. In recent years the Training Division also provided instruction for a Civilian Police Academy. Moreover, police K-9 dogs and handlers receive training through the Division.

The Training Division is located at the First Precinct building located at 730 East Grassy Sprain Rd. In addition to certification as general topics police instructors the training staff is also certified to teach specialized disciplines such as firearms, defensive tactics, special weapons, suicide prevention, emergency vehicle operation, and physical fitness training.