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Police Records Unit - 104 South Broadway

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Records Unit

Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Stephen Gratzon


Police Records Unit

104 So Broadway, Yonkers, New York

Phone: 377-7237  Fax: 377-7235


The Records Unit maintains custodial control of all official police reports, both criminal and non-criminal in nature.  Included in their record keeping responsibilities are the acceptance, recording, and dissemination of all subpoenas for civilians and sworn personnel, responding to all requests for Letters of Conduct, and voluntary fingerprinting. Records personnel are assigned the daily sorting and distribution of all incoming and outgoing mail for the police department, including interdepartmental mail. Numerous requests received from insurance companies, attorneys, the Corporation Counsel, and the general public for copies of reports are processed here on a daily basis. 

It should be noted that the Records Unit is also one of the units within the department that generates revenue for the City of Yonkers as there are standard fees established for most of the services it performs.

The Records Unit is located on the Second Floor of the Cacace Justice Center at 104 South Broadway, and is open Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 3:00pm and closed on holidays. You can contact the Records Unit at 914-377-7232.


Accident Reports
If an Information Exchange was done on scene, no report will be written. Per New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law; if an accident causes property damage only, then information is to be exchanged such as driver license, insurance, and registration with all involved parties. 

All accident reports from 2010 forward are ONLY available on  They CANNOT be picked up at the Records Unit Office or your Local Precinct.  Accident reports are typically available within 8-10 business from the date of occurrence.  

Directions to Retrieve Accident Reports from CarFax

Incident Reports

If a case is currently an Open Investigation, Open with the District Attorney’s Office or Court, it CANNOT be released. 

If an individual is picking up a non-motor vehicle accident report from the Records Unit, they MUST be on the report.  If you would like someone to pick up your report for you, they will need to have a notarized letter stating you are allowing them to pick up the report along with VALID identification.

To obtain copies of non-motor vehicle accident reports by mail, you must send a copy of your government issued ID, a non-refundable $2.00 search fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Yonkers Police Department
Records Unit
104 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701

You must include as much information as possible, including the incident number, date of the incident, location of incident, and the type of incident.

It should be noted, you CANNOT obtain copies of reports from your local precinct and that most non-accident reports can be obtained from the Records Unit within 8 business days from the date of occurrence. The Records Unit does not fax or e-mail reports.


Criminal Reports


If a case is currently an Open Investigation, Open with the District Attorney’s Office or Court it CANNOT be released. 

If an individual is picking up criminal report from the Records Unit, they MUST be on the report. 

For attorneys’ offices you will need to have a letter of authorization from your client allowing you to pick up the report on their behalf, if this cannot be obtained you will need to FOIL Request the report.  HIPAA authorization forms are not accepted.


Archive Requests

Pursuant to Section 185.5 (b) of 8NYCRR, the Yonkers Police Department only has records dating back to 1980.  All records prior to 1980 were destroyed.

Pursuant to New York State Archives, Records Retention and Disposition Schedule MU-1, Law Enforcement: General 2. [529], all records between 1980-1986 have been destroyed.

Specific information is required to search for reports.  Reports cannot be looked up by name prior to 2011.  You will need a specific date, time, and location in order for us locate the report.  Records to be located from before 1996 will require a police incident number. 

The below form will need to be filled out to request archived reports.  There is a $5.00 search fee per requested report which is non refundable and non transferable.  Reports able to be located are $15.00 per report.

Request for Archived Reports Form


Letters/Certificates of Conduct

The Records Unit issues Certificates of Conduct.  Applications for Certificates of Conduct are accepted Monday-Friday from 9am to 2pm.  Certificates of Conduct take approximately 5-7 business days to process. These letters are a background check for the City of Yonkers ONLY.  The requester must apply in person and pick the certificate up in person once it is completed.  Completed Certificates of Conduct will be held by the Records Unit for 60 days after the date of application.  The application is available below.  In order to receive a Certificate of Conduct you must have:

$30.00 fee for City of Yonkers Residents (Proof of Residency is required, a Valid Government Issued ID), Cash, Bank Check or Money Order accepted.

$60.00 fee for Non-Yonkers Residents, Cash, Bank Check or Money Order accepted.

Accepted forms of Identification include:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • State I.D. Card (Non Drivers I.D.)
  • Valid Passport
  • Military I.D.
  • Valid Permanent/Temporary Alien Registration Card

Certificate of Conduct Application 



Fingerprinting is done Tuesday-Thursday 9am-11am, no appointment is necessary. The Records Unit does NOT submit fingerprints to any agency; it is your responsibility to submit them to the proper agency.  In order to have fingerprints done by this department you must:

$50.00 fee for City of Yonkers Residents (Proof of Residency is required, a Valid Government Issued ID), Cash, Bank Check or Money Order accepted

$75.00 fee for Non-City Residents, Cash, Bank Check or Money Order accepted.

Valid Government Issued Photo ID- Passport or State Issued Photo ID

Fingerprint cards are available for purchase at the Records Unit for $1.00 per card.


Subpoenas for Records

For Records the Subpoena MUST be "So Ordered" by a Judge to be processed by the Records Unit. Please make checks payable to "City of Yonkers Police Department".

 Family Court: $15.00                Supreme Court: $15.00  Federal Court: $25.00


Subpoenas for Officer Appearances

For Officer Appearance please make checks payable to the Officer who you are requesting to appear. 

 Small Claims Court: $15.00 Supreme Court: $25.00  Federal Court: $40.00


FOIL Requests: 

Corporation Counsel