Yonkers Police Medical Control Unit

Phone: 377-7214

Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Glen Caserta

The Medical Control Unit consists of one Lieutenant, one Police Officers, and is the sole custodian responsible for maintaining medical files which contain illness, injury, and disability information regarding individual members of the Yonkers Police Department.

The Unit provides information (when requested) to the New York State Police and Fire Retirement System in order to process disability applications. The Unit also initiates disability applications when it becomes apparent that members will not be able to return to duty. Inclusive in this process is testimony at disability hearings (when necessary) by the Lieutenant. The Unit also provides information (in compliance with HIPPA regulations) to law firms, insurance companies, medical facilities, and third party administrators.
The Unit works in conjunction with St. John's Riverside Hospital Occupational Medicine Department (Police Surgeon Services) in order to return injured/sick/disabled Officers back to full duty as soon as medically possible. Officers who sustain blood borne pathogen exposures are also treated /evaluated at St. John's via the Infectious Disease Coordinator. The Lieutenant reviews and authorizes for payment (when appropriate) for all fitness for duty and exposure invoices generated by St. John's. If necessary, the Unit acts as the liaison to the District Attorney's Office (at court) regarding requesting the source to submit to blood testing. The Unit also acts as liaison to the Department psychologist, and City of Yonkers EAP when necessary.

The Medical Control Unit reviews every 207-C claim for Police Department Members. As the Police Commissioner's designee in that regard, the approval are then signed, logged, faxed to St. John's Hospital, and Vision Risk Services, the City's third party administrator. For claims that are controverted, members are notified in writing as per the collective bargaining agreement.

The Medical Control Unit is also responsible for ensuring that Officers while on medical leave comply with Policy and Procedure 130-14. To that end, the Lieutenant conducts home telephone checks and visits. Members who fail to comply with the policy are either issued notices of discipline, or have their 207-C claims controverted.

The Medical Control Unit is also responsible for ensuring that the Department maintains OSHA standards for certain issues. To that end, the Unit periodically updates the Exposure Control Plan, and works in conjunction with the Training Unit to ensure that respiratory protection procedures are current and within OSHA standards.

The Medical Control Unit is in charge of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Peer Support Team. The team consists of 15 Department members from difference ranks and divisions. Team members are trained in Critical Incident Management and peer support management. Our goal is to assist Department members deal with traumatic events. The team provides support and makes referrals for work and personal issues. Our conversations are confidential. Team members can be contacted in person or by calling our 24 hour hotline.