Accreditation Unit

Accreditation Unit

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accredited.patchPolice Departments throughout New York State, which are able to conform to 132 standards established by the Department of Justice of the State of New York, are accorded Accreditation by the state. This process identifies the Police Department as one of the state’s most progressive and elite law enforcement agencies. Commissioner Charles Gardner has made a firm commitment to have the Yonkers Police Department accreditated and the Support Services Brureau. The Accreditation Process is charged with the responsibility of meeting those 132 standards for accreditation certification by writing and implementing many new Policy and Procedure directives that are an integral part of the accreditation process.

 In addition to writing new Policy and Procedure to meet accreditation standards, this unit also writes new policy for the many programs and operational strategies instituted by the department. Recently, these programs and strategies have included: the Amber Alert Program to aid in locating missing children and operational requirements for the new computers now installed in patrol vehicles.

 Lastly, the unit is responsible for a constant review the Department’s Policy and Procedure Manual so that as required, existing policy may be amended to ensure that our Policy and Procedures reflect state-of-the-art theory and methods.