The Yonkers Police Department has installed a  gunfire detection system in select areas within the city. The system is known as The Shot Spotter Gunshot Location System. Shot Spotter, is a gunfire detection and location system that uses a combination of electronic sensors and software to quickly triangulate the approximate location of an outdoor gunfire event.

  When the sensors detect gunfire the data is transmitted to the Shot Spotter Server and the information is reviewed using the Shot Spotter Public Safety Console. Currently, Communications personnel are reviewing the data and will dispatch units to the location with all available information.

  The audio data from the incident is captured and is instantly accessible for review by Communications personnel who will provide additional information, if available, to responding patrol units.

  It is important to note, that the Shot Spotter system has a self-learning capacity and needs accurate and timely feedback. Officers should make every reasonable effort to confirm a gunfire event has occurred.

  The system has the capability to classify incidents as, single gunshot, multiple gunshot, fireworks, car backfire, construction, low flying aircraft, etc. It is important that officers who have responded to a Shot Spotter incident provide the Communications Division with as much information as possible so that the incident can be correctly classified. This information, is useful for evaluating, and improving upon, the accuracy of the Shot Spotter technology.

  All patrol personnel shall be mindful that Shot Spotter technology is capable of providing units with notification that gunshots have been fired in advance of any calls for service being received at the Communications Division. This technology is also capable of providing a more specific and reliable location of gunshots than those reported by civilians that heard, but did not see, the discharge of a firearm. The enhanced rapid response to potential shooting incidents will enhance not only the ability to apprehend armed suspects, either on the scene or in the immediate flight from the scene, but will also increase the likelihood of securing witnesses at the scene, as well as preserving evidence.

  The Shot Spotter Gunshot Location System is intended to enhance the Department’s ability to respond effectively to crimes involving firearms. The purpose of the system is to reduce violent crime and incidents of indiscriminate gunfire in the City of Yonkers.