Communications Division

Commanding Officer 
Captain Bryant Pappas

Yonkers Communications Division

Phone: 377-7900

The Communications Division receives and processes every telephone call that is routed through the Department's main communications lines. All emergency calls, non-emergency calls, calls for service, and all self-generated calls from field officers are handled by our staff of thirty Public Safety Dispatchers. The Division is also the Department's link to law enforcement agencies around the world via the New York Statewide Police Information Network (NYSPIN). The Division's Validation Unit provides services to investigators, the District Attorney's Office, and various courts.

The Communication Center within Police Headquarters is a central component of the department. Assigned there are Public Safety Dispatchers trained in the Enhanced-911 telephone system, the language line translation service, the computer assisted dispatch system (CADS), and NYSPIN systems. They serve as both Police and Fire dispatchers and are responsible for screening, prioritizing, and dispatching all emergency and non-emergency calls for service. Enhanced-911 enables a Public Safety Dispatcher to know the name, address, and telephone number connected with the telephone dialing a "911" call. This allows a dispatcher to dispatch police to a location even in situations where no voice contact has been established. When "911" is dialed from any wired telephone, (NOT CELL PHONES), within the city of Yonkers, the call is answered by a dispatcher in the communications center. The dispatcher can view the name, address, and telephone number of the originating party. Wireless or cellular telephone calls made to "911" are answered by the New York State Police who in turn ask the caller for their specific location and connect the caller to the local Police Department responsible for that area. This causes a slight delay in dispatching help to a location and therefore when possible use a wired home phone and not a cell phone to call "911".