"Schools Open Drive Carefully" initiative begins this week.

     The YPD Traffic Division will be vigorously enforcing school bus violations as well other vehicle and traffic laws during the start of the school year.  This enforcement is aimed at educating drivers on traffic safety and to particularly ensure compliance with school bus safety concerns.  It should be noted that passing a school bus with its red lights flashing is a serious violation, which may result in heavy fines and penalties to the driver.  Fines begin at $250.00 and 5 points may be assessed to a convicted motorist's license.  

     Additionally, in January of this year, after working with Mayor Mike Spano and the City Council, we instituted a new city ordinance requiring all school buses to display a yellow safety sticker encouraging residents to report school bus drivers operating a bus in an unsafe manner.  If any residents observe a school bus that is being driven in an unsafe manner, take down the bus number and company name, and call our Communications Division at 377-7900.

     Please drive safe and give yourself some extra time next week.  There will be some first time students walking our streets with parents who will be very excited about the new year.  Let's make sure we have a safe start next week.