(Please check back for updates before responding to make a report)

The Retail Theft Guide was created to provide retailers a detailed description for reporting shoplifting in the City of Yonkers, and direction for filing a report with the Yonkers Police Department.  The Yonkers Police Department is establishing guidelines for Self-Reporting Theft from retailers.

This guide applies ONLY to those retail outlets who maintain employee personnel in a capacity commonly referred as Asset Protection or Loss Prevention on Staff.

For those businesses that cannot afford to or choose not to employ Asset Protection staff, please call for an officer who will take the steps required for your situation.

The first step is to care for the safety of the customers, employees, and yourself. Always know and follow your store’s policies and procedures and the jurisdictional laws pertaining to the apprehension and detention of individuals.

Contact the YONKERS Police Department immediately if:

  • Retail Theft is occurring right now or has just occurred with a suspect(s) in immediate flight there from and retailer INTENDS TO PROSECUTE, or;

  • The suspect is in custody and retailer INTENDS TO PROSECUTE, or;

  • The suspect physically resisted or was armed with a weapon, or;

  • Any employee or bystander was injured, or;

  • Retail Theft is discovered at any time AND the amount is over $1000.00.

The Self-Reporting portion of this guide pertains to those shoplifting incidents where the act is discovered and the offender is no longer present.

Complete a Yonkers Police Retail Theft Incident Report if any of the below situations apply:


  • The suspect is NOT in custody and has left the scene, unable to be located, or;
  • The retailer does NOT WANT TO PROSECUTE, or;

  • If there is any reporting delay as a result of store policy or procedures, or;

  • Retail Theft is discovered at a later date (video review) AND the amount is under $1000.00


Theft / Shoplifting Self-Reporting

To file a Retail Theft Incident Report, the Yonkers Police Retail Theft Incident Report form must be completed. This report is the only accepted report for the Yonkers Police Department.  This report must be type written with no portions handwritten.  Handwritten reports will not be accepted.

Reports will only be accepted in person within 3 business days of the discovery of the theft for review and or investigation by the Yonkers Police Department.  The reports must be submitted during business hours between the hours of 9 A.M and 2 P.M at the records division of the Yonkers Police Department located on the 2nd floor of 104 South Broadway Yonkers, N.Y 10701. You are required to call the records division prior to responding to ensure an officer will be available to make a report at (914) 377-7237. Note: this location also houses NYS courts and requires all visitors to pass through security screening in order to access.  

An officer will review the submitted reports and determine the appropriate investigative strategy if any, and provide the submitting person with a Yonkers Police Department incident report number as receipt. 

Packet must contain ALL of the information below and be submitted in person only:

  • All reports shall include the elements of the crime; where the item was taken from, any concealment of the item, price tag change, security device removal, failing to pay after passing all points of payment/sale. Include any witnesses who maybe able to identify the offender and their role which qualifies them for potentially identifying the offender.
  • Full and complete report (on your form or ours) with a full description of the incident, signed by the reporting party.
  • Name, date of birth, address, phone number and position of the reporting party.
  • List of all witnesses including:
  • Name - Date of birth – Address - Phone number - Description of their observations
  • Full list of property stolen or damaged (on your form or ours) including full description of the item and the stock number, SKU or UPC. In cases where a serial number is available, include the serial number.
  • Complete description of the suspect(s) and vehicle(s) including names (if available) and license plate (if available).
  • Copies on DVD of any relevant surveillance video including Still images of any suspect or vehicle.
  • Description (in the incident report) of the activity observed on the video and the specific location of the activity (time stamp) on the video
  • A description and full information regarding any related incidents at this store or other stores.
  • Any associated internal reports prepared by any employee of the retailer.
  • Retail theft self reporting reports will only be accepted in person at 104 South Broadway.

click here to download the Retail Theft Reporting Form (.pdf)

(you must download the form and save to your desktop to complete the fields)