George Rutledge
Deputy Chief George E. Rutledge (Ret.)

In an effort to ensure that every man or woman who served as a Yonkers police officer is remembered, several years ago we embarked on a huge project. This effort first entailed documenting the names of every officer who had served, from 1871 right up to the present. No small task. But this has been completed. The second part was even more aggressive in scope, in that we are determined to prepare a document or, book if you will, which will contain a photograph and a police/personal biographical profile of every officer who ever served our department.

It is our firm belief that the sacrifices made by police officers, even in the routine course of their duty, is so substantial, that they should never be forgotten for the part they played in the proud history of the Yonkers Police Department. As you might imagine, trying to locate family members of former officers so that we might obtain some much needed miscellaneous data on an officer, is often difficult, if not seemingly impossible. As time permits we attempt to locate relatives to obtain this information, no matter how little it may be. But it would be of greater assistance if, by the existence of this website, people would reach out to us. Please help us to ensure that no officer is left out of this book due to a lack of a little information. Please contact us at our police department address, or our web site. We ask for your assistance. Thank you!

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