First Responders Disability Registry

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 First responder disability registry

First Responders Disability Registry

This program is a new and unique plan to aid Yonkers residents with special needs in emergency situations. Specialized information is entered into a database to be accessed, with alerts, to Yonkers Police and Fire Departments and EMS services in the event of an emergency located at a resident’s home. The goal of the program is to eliminate or lessen emotional trauma, fear and conflict when first responders enter homes of those with special needs.

Those with the following special needs, but not limited to, should register:                                                                 

  • physical and medical challenges                                                         

  • developmental challenges, mental illness, PTSD                                                                            

  • vision and hearing challenges

  • aged, language barriers, hoarders, service animals, etc.   


Enrollment in the registry is dependent upon self-reporting. Privacy concerns are recognized and addressed. Enrollment is fully compliant with applicable regulations.

Want to Register?:

Enrollment forms available at Yonkers Public Libraries, Yonkers City Hall and online:  Registry Form (pdf)

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DISCLAIMER: All responses are voluntary and confidential and protected under Federal HIPAA Law. The information contained in this document will be used for informational purposes only and will not be used or result in the alteration or change in standard police, fire or EMS emergency procedures.  It is the responsibility of each resident to inform the Yonkers Police Department of any changes or updates to the information contained therein.