Yonkers Police Intelligence Unit

Phone: 914-377-7341 / 7344 

  Fax: 914-377-7342

 The Intelligence Unit (I.U.) acts as a liaison between the Yonkers Police Department and federal, state and other local law enforcement agencies. The primary objective of the Intelligence Unit is the gathering of information and intelligence data, and then analyzing the information, disseminate the gathered information to various units within the Yonkers Police Department in the form of Officer Safety and Intelligence Bulletins, as well as to other law enforcement agencies. The I.U. also gathers and analyzes gun data with the assistance of the ATF. Furthermore, I.U. personnel conduct investigations related to organized crime, illegal weapons, gambling, automobile theft, insurance fraud, coupon fraud, and violations related to trademark counterfeiting.

 Another responsibility of the I.U. is Operation Safeguard, which identifies and advises various companies in Yonkers such as storage facilities, construction and contracting companies, chemical companies etc. to report to the I.U. any suspicious person(s), orders, requests or sales. 

 Members of the I.U. work with various agencies on investigations related to auto crime, insurance fraud, the sale of illegal weapons, fraudulent identification, and medical fraud. The Intelligence Unit also provides security for local and foreign dignitaries who live in or visit Yonkers.

 The I.U. is also responsible for conducting sensitive and confidential investigations and performs background checks and interviews on prospective City employees, municipal housing applicants, and vendors who do more than $100,000 worth of business with the City.

 Another responsibility of the I.U. is to work in unison with The New York State Wagering and Racing Board to assure that any non-profit private gaming is in compliance with state regulations.