Police Grant Unit - 104 South Broadway

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Yonkers Police Grant Unit

104 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York

Phone: 377-7352   377-7354

 Commanding Officer
Lt. Stephen Gratzon

   Grants and reimbursements from the federal, state, and county governments are administered by this unit. The road to receiving a grant award usually starts in one of two ways. One is identifying a chronic community problem and searching for a grant program that could potentially help alleviate or eliminate that problem. Another way is to monitor recent federal and state grant programs to see if they have relevance to the Yonkers community. The Grant Unit then works with members of other units within the Police Department, other city agencies, and members of the community to identify the goals and objectives of the program and complete the application. If the grant is awarded, this unit assumes the fiscal responsibilities by keeping comprehensive records of how the funds are pent, and files periodic reports with the grantor and the City Finance Department. It also helps units measure their success in attaining the grant's goals and objectives.

  In recent years, this unit managed approximately $6 million in grants and reimbursements. Some of these funds bought equipment, training, and supplies for units such as the Forensic Science Laboratory, the Criminal Identification Unit, the Emergency Service Unit, the DARE program, the Information and Technology Unit, and the Precincts. It also helped secure and manage funds for traffic safety initiatives, public housing details, auto theft and fraud investigation, a truancy program in the Youth Services Division, School Resource Officers from the Community Affairs Division, and the CERT and Citizen Corps Programs through Civil Defense.

   Members of this unit also publish the Annual Report. The Annual Report is the official publication of the Yonkers Police Department that helps members to reflect on the state of the Department and their accomplishments during the past year. Preparing their unit's yearly submission also helps supervisors set goals for the coming year.