Fiscal Services Unit

Police Fiscal Services Unit

104 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York

Phone: 377-7222

The Fiscal Services Unit is responsible for preparing and monitoring the police department’s budget, processing its payroll, keeping time and leave records for its personnel, and ensuring that reimbursements due the department are obtained in a timely manner. The unit also provides statistical information to city departments as well as outside government agencies.

After receiving the adopted budget from the city, the Fiscal Services Unit monitors expenditures to ensure that they are in compliance with the department’s budget. In administering the budget, the Fiscal Services Unit processes more than 5,000 claims, requisitions, and payroll adjustments throughout the year. The unit also processes weekly and biweekly payrolls and maintains overtime, time, and leave records for the department’s 689 employees.


The Fiscal Services Unit administers the department’s share of the Federal Forfeiture Fund account and oversees the department’s capital budget expenditures. It prepares the documentation to obtain reimbursements due under some of the department’s grants and contracts. The Fiscal Services Unit also provides other units in the department with technical advice and assistance in the preparation and interpretation of contracts. Collections are made for reimbursements due from the City of Yonkers’ towing contractors, prisoner transportation services, personal service contracts, grants, and per diem contracted police services.