Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Meredith McLaughlin

 The Records Management System (RMS) system that was acquired by the Yonkers Police Department is at the forefront of the latest technological advances. It empowers Police Officers to better and more safely do their jobs. It allows Police and City Officials better management of the capabilities of the Police Department. Officers and management both have access to real time in-depth information, data analysis tools, and an ability to truly evolve real and meaningful solutions to problems. The system strides to provide the much needed resources and information to the Citizens of Yonkers in a more direct and timely manner. Some of these services are easier access to information and reports via public internet services, etc.
One of the major objectives of the RMS is to use the latest technologies to share information with other Law Enforcement, various government agencies, and related public services.

Some of the key components of the system are:

• A comprehensive, well integrated, real time, easy to use Mobile In-Field Reporting module that also incorporates the use of modern scanning equipment and digital signature capture to facilitate eventual migration to a paperless environment.

• The extensive use of ‘Master’ databases that record and link ALL interactions of:

    •  Persons
    •  Places/Locations
    •  Objects (vehicles, property, evidence etc)
    •  Events (criminal and non criminal)

The key strategy is that such a design facilitates all investigations and crime analysis with whatever future tools, applications, or initiatives Y.P.D. deploys.

• Ease of use by personnel, utilizing extensive pick lists, default values, and menus greatly reducing repetitive data entry and re-keying of data.

• The good design and use of technology and the ability for all users to easily query data anywhere in the system and allow and support easy transition to wireless PDA devices in the future for many functions.

• Complete support of the newer New York State Incident based Reporting (NYIBR) which captures more specific information to aid in crime analysis and management capabilities.

• The ability to provide solutions based on technologies that allow for easy integration of various systems the City requires in the future [including e-business initiatives and information sharing to better serve the public, employees, and partnership agencies, etc.

• Automation of personnel scheduling, training records, Property and Evidence control, and other key areas that are extremely time consuming under manual or outdated systems.

• Interfaces to other Y.P.D. systems that must be retained, making access to them seamless and complimentary.