Police Information and Technology Unit

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Information & Technology Unit

  Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Meredith McLaughlin

Information and Technology Unit

Phone: 377-7227


The Information and Technology Unit handles all the computer-related needs of the Yonkers Police Department. The unit is comprised of trained personnel. It also coordinates all computer related training department-wide. In 2011 the unit installed a Records Management System which computerize all incident reports.

Some of the systems the unit maintains and supports:

  • Camera System
  • Records Management System
  • Computer-aided Dispatch System (CAD)
  • E911 Emergency Telephone Interface
  • Zetron fire station alert interface RACAL voice recorder system
  • Office desktop systems (printers,scanners ...)
  • Detective reporting writing system
  • Motorola Radio System Interface
  • Printrak photo imaging system
  • ISDN data communications network
  • Warrant Squad local warrants database system
  • Forensic Lab computer equipment
  • IAD random drug test pick system

The ITU installed a second computer server in the Communications Center to act as a backup to the one running the CAD System. The new server, made by Hewlett Packard, has a program called "MC Service Guard." In the event that the primary server fails, this program allows the CAD System to move operations to the backup server with little or no interruption in service. The installation of the second server involved shutting down the CAD System for a short time and moving files from one computer to another. Because of this upgrade, the system is now more reliable and less prone to interruption to this life lifesaving service.

License Plate Reader

The City of Yonkers, as part of the Operation Impact jurisdiction, received 4 license plate readers. A license plate reader (LPR) can recognize over 1,000 license plates an hour on vehicles as they pass either a portable or stationary unit. The information downloaded into the plate reader from the New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN) allows a law enforcement officer performing a special detail or routine patrol to detect a motor vehicle driven by an unlicensed and/or revoked operator or any other motor vehicle insurance violation. It is also an essential tool when an Amber Alert is issued as the LPR can alert the officer if the license plate related to the Amber Alert is detected. The LPR can also be used for homeland security, electronic surveillance, suspect interdiction, stolen property recovered, facility management and a number of other policing requirements. Currently, the LPR in Yonkers is primarily used for identifying stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, suspects and vehicle and insurance issues. 

Yonkers Police Department Intranet

The Police Department has developed an intranet to facilitate the work of officers in pursuit of the Department’s objectives. The intranet allows the officer to access the Alcohol and Beverage Control Law Index, Criminal Procedure Law, Penal Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law as well as the Department’s Policy and Procedure. Officers can also access various databases related to crime, parole, probation and warrants. On-line training classes are also available for the officers to do at their convenience. The Yonkers Police Department intranet allows for the sharing of information so that the officers can make more informed decisions right at their fingertips.

Mobile Data Terminal Specifications:

Panasonic Toughbook PDRC is a Permanent Display Removable Computer for mobile workers, the PDRC has the reliability of a fixed-mounted display and keyboard system with the flexibility of a notebook PC that you can carry anywhere. A backlit keyboard and ToughScreen™ display ensure optimum readability, day or night.

Mobile Plate reader
Mobile PlaterReader 900


  • Panasonic Touchscreen - Readable in all Lighting Conditions
  • Panasonic Backlit Keyboard with Emergency Key
  • Toughbook 29 or 34 - Powerful, Rugged and Wireless Notebook Computers
  • Toughbook Tested PDRC Mounting Solutions
  • 12.1" x 1.2" thin ToughScreenTM fixed-mount 1024 x 768 (XGA) LCD with 1250 Nit brightness (fully adjustable)
  • Full magnesium alloy case 10.8"(H) x 11"(W)
  • Low power consumption, even with vehicle off or idling
  • Spill-resistant, full travel EL backlit keyboard with touchpad
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • Red, backlit programmable emergency key on ToughScreen and keyboard
    5 programmable function keys
  • POWER ON/INSTANT OFF key turns the power on, turns the screen blank immediately and returns the screen to exactly where you left off
  • Dual integrated speakers with adjustable volume

Toughbook 34

  • CPU:
    • Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor-M 933MHz featuring Enhanced Intel® SpeedStepTM technology
    • 512KB on-die L2 cache
  • Storage & Memory:
    • 256MB SDRAM standard, expandable to 512MB
    • 30GB HDD
  • Display:
    • 8.4" 800 x 600 (SVGA) transflective, sunlight-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD with Touchscreen or 8.4" 800 x 600 (SVGA) transmissive High-bright outdoor-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD with Touchscreen
    • External video support up to 1280 x 1024 at 16 million colors (24 bit color depth)
  • Audio:
    • SigmatelTM STAC977T AC-97 v2.1 Compliant Audio Codec
    • Integrated speaker
    • Convenient keyboard volume and mute controls
  • Expansion Slot: PC Card Type II x 1
  • Keyboard & Input:
    • Compact 87-key with dedicated Windows® key
    • Enhanced pressure sensitive touchpad
    • Touchscreen LCD
  • Software:
    • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
    • Setup, Diagnostics, DMI Viewer, On-line Reference Manual,
      Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, Panasonic® Battery Monitor
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • 1.7"(H) x 9.0"(W) x 7.4"(D)
    • 3.8 lbs., including battery and hand strap