Information and Technology Unit

 Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Meredith McLaughlin

104 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York


The Planning and Technology Unit consists of the Planning Unit, Information and Technology UnitCrime Analysis Unit and Uniform Crime Reporting Unit.

Some of the current duties of the Planning & Technology Unit are to oversee the daily operations of over 300 desktop computers, 90 mobile computers, 14 blade servers (Windows server), 10 stand alone servers, the Computer Aided Dispatch System (UNIX server), several SQL databases, the department network, the intranet site, the department website, weekly crime stats, the UCR monthly stats, the crime databases (2004-current), the field interview database (2005-current), CompStat meetings, support all desktop installed software, manage PowerDMS software, manage IAPro software, Tracs software, maintain and manage the License Plate Readers, manage the department surveillance cameras, the Records Management System ....

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 YPD Implements New Crime Reporting Methodology

 Up until the end of December of 2011, the Y.P.D. used an incident based method for recording crime statistics. For example, if there was an assault committed at a specific location and 5 people were assaulted during the event, it was recorded as 1 incident of assault.

 In January of 2012, the Y.P.D. began to record crimes using a victim based method, particularly in the recording of assaults. In using this method each victim is counted as a separate crime. Using the same example, if there was an assault committed at a specific location and 5 people were assaulted, it is now being counted as 5 separate assaults.

 This switch in recording methods was a result of integrating our new Records Management System (R.M.S.), and it inherently causes a rise in statistics, particularly assaults.