'Lest We Forget'
Police Officers Who Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
While Serving The Yonkers Police Department

Police Officer Edward J. Morrison #8
Appointed: December 1, 1909
Date of Incident: June 7, 1918
End of Watch: July 8, 1918

P.O. Morrison

Yonkers Police Officer Edward J. Morrison was appointed to the department, on December 1, 1909. On June 7, 1918 PO Morrison was assigned to a foot post. He was on duty at the foot of Ashburton Avenue around 12 noon when he was approached by a boat captain from Long Island who asked PO Morrison to aid him in locating a particular barge in the river that he was to take command of. PO Morrison agreed and they both began checking all the barges tied up at the waters edge. At some point, in an effort to jump from one barge to another, Morrison miscalculated and plunged into the river. His cries for help resulted in a cable being tossed to him. However, he pulled so hard to get out of the water, that he pulled his would be rescuer in the water with him. PO Morrison was in full uniform which included his police choker style blouse coat. When finally pulled from the water, Morrison had nearly drowned and was in serious condition from swallowing a significant amount of water. He was immediately transported to St. Johns Hospital by PO William Kruppenbacher, where Morrison was admitted. Morrison remained hospitalized in serious condition for 13 days. His condition did not improve and on June 20th he was transferred to the Municipal Hospital in Nepera Park. It was there that his health continued to fail. PO Edward Morrison died on July 8, 1918 at 5:45 AM without ever leaving the hospital. "Lest We Forget"