'Lest We Forget'
Police Officers Who Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
While Serving The Yonkers Police Department

Police Officer John W. Cahill #205
Appointed: February 1, 1930
Date of Incident: January 21, 1940

End of Watch: January 23, 1940

P.O. John Cahill

Yonkers Police Officer Cahill was appointed to the department on February 1, 1930. On January 21, 1940, while Ptl Cahill was on crossing duty at St. Joseph's Church on Ashburton Ave., he heard an explosion nearby. Fearing the worst, he ran to the building where he thought the explosion occurred. Upon attempting to descend a darkened flight of basement stairs, he lost his footing, falling to the concrete below. Two days later Ptl Cahill died as a result of his injuries. He was 35 years old and left behind his wife and seven-month-old daughter. "Lest We Forget"