'Lest We Forget'
Police Officers Who Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice
While Serving The Yonkers Police Department

Police Lieutenant Daniel J. Shea
Appointed: February 8, 1889
Date of Incident: July 9, 1913

End of Watch:April 6, 1926

Lt. Daniel Shea

Daniel J. Shea was appointed to the police department on February 8, 1889. On July 9, 1913 Lt. Daniel Shea was home (58 Hawthorne Avenue) doing some light house work. While working around the house, a neighbor called over to him to let him know there were two suspicious men walking around 63 Hawthorne. Lt. Shea investigated and found no signs of break in. Moments later the suspects were seen fleeing the premises. Lt. Shea stopped one of the suspects to question him when said male pulled a revolver from his pocket and shot the Lt in his chest. The Lt. did give chase but did not catch the suspect. The Lt. was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital where the bullet was removed from his chest. The Lt. did survive. On April 3, 1926, nearly 13 years after the shooting Lt Shea had been admitted to the hospital. It was reported that the artery in the lieutenants chest that was struck by the burglars bullet years earlier was causing Shea his current medical problem and the doctors were trying to determine the best course of medical treatment. It would be of no help. On April 6, 1926 Lt. Daniel Shea died in St Joseph's Hospital at the age of 61 years. It was noted in a local paper that Lt. Daniel Shea died from complications from a shooting 13 years ago."Lest We Forget"