Commanding Officer
Capt Thomas Ward


127 North Broadway
Yonkers, New York



Youth Services Division
The Community Affairs Division is located at 127 North Broadway. The telephone number is 377-7293. The Community Affairs Division is a unit designed to facilitate the interaction between the Police Department and youths in our community.

The following are a list of services currently provided by the Community Affairs Division

Youth Investigators assist patrol units as well as the Detective Division in follow up investigations involving juveniles, along with the processing of any arrests involving children from 7 to 15 years of age. Unit personnel are qualified in the processes of interviewing and taking statements from youths. Officers actively investigate Court ordered Persons in Need of Supervision warrants and Juvenile Delinquency warrants. The Community Affairs Division work closely with Family Court, Juveniles Detention facilities, and Children's Protective Services to ensure that juvenile's receive proper rehabilitation and counseling.

Missing Persons Unit:
This unit handles and maintains a database for all missing person investigations. The unit has capabilities for creating Missing Person posters, disseminating information and coordinating inter-agency search efforts. Officers in this unit assist with searching for lost children and handle runaway issues.

The Community Affairs Division is located at 36 Radford Street. The telephone number is 914-377-7375. Its mission is to create channels of two-way communication between the police and the people they serve by providing the community with programs and information designed to enhance the quality of life in Yonkers.

Programs currently offered by the Community Affairs Division are:

Black ArrowChild Safety Seat Checks
Police officers who are New York State certified Child Safety Seat Technicians inspect car seats for proper installation, make adjustments if needed, and demonstrate proper installation techniques. Last year, officers checked, installed or re-installed over 200 car seats. In addition to scheduled events during the year, the Community Affairs Division offers Child Safety Seat checks by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment call 914-377-7375.

Black ArrowAuto Theft Prevention Programs
VIN Etching – Using a dedicated computer that automatically registers a vehicle on a statewide database and prints a stencil of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), specially trained Community Affairs Division officers use acid to etch the VIN on every window of the vehicle to deter theft. Participants may be eligible for a 10% reduction on their car insurance premiums. Scheduled VIN etching events are held during the warmer months, and it is available by appointment throughout the year, weather permitting.

“Watch Your Car” – “Watch Your Car” is an auto theft deterrent program for owners who usually do not use their vehicles between the hours of one and five a.m. Officers register the vehicle on a nationwide database and affix decals to the windshield and rear window of the vehicle to indicate participation in the program. The decals provide police officers with probable cause to stop a vehicle and verify the driver’s identity if they observe the vehicle being operated during the aforementioned times.

For additional information about the VIN Etching and “Watch Your Car” programs, contact the Community Affairs Division at 914-377-7375.

Black ArrowSafety and Security Programs
Neighborhood Watch – Upon request, officers from the Community Affairs Division speak with community groups about becoming “Blockwatchers”, partners with the Department in preventing crime. Citizens are trained to alert the police when they observe an unusual situation or crime occurring in their neighborhood. Participants are provided with numbers so they can remain anonymous when they call. There are over fifty “Blockwatcher” groups currently active in Yonkers. Community Affairs Division officers train the participants and maintain records for the program.

Security Surveys – By appointment, Community Affairs Division officers will conduct an on-site inspection of a residential or commercial premise with the occupant or owner. Officers will offer advice and make recommendations to improve security and provide optimal protection for people and their property.

Safety and Security Talks – Officers from the Community Affairs Division speak at community meetings, schools, senior citizens groups, and similar organizations on topics such as personal safety, burglary and auto theft prevention, internet and bicycle safety, and drug abuse.

Fingerprinting of Children – Upon request of a parent or legal guardian, officers from the Community Affairs Division will fingerprint children. The fingerprint card remains with the parent or guardian; the Department does not keep a copy.
Community groups and organizations interested in obtaining safety and security talks or participating in the “Blockwatchers” program should direct a written request to the Police Commissioner’s office, 104 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York 10701. Security surveys and fingerprinting can be scheduled by contacting the Community Affairs Division at 914-377-7375.

Black ArrowCivilian Ride-Along Program
Yonkers residents 18 or older who wish to ride with a police officer on patrol may submit an application to the Community Affairs Division. Upon satisfactory completion of a background check, officers arrange ride-alongs for applicants who have been approved for the program. Contact the Community Affairs Division for further information or to apply for the program.

Black ArrowSex Offender Management
When Level 3 sex offenders are released from custody they are obligated by law to register with the police department where they reside. For Level 3 offenders registered with the Yonkers Police Department, Community Affairs Division officers respond to each offender’s reported address and verify that they have registered correctly. Those who have failed to register or who have registered incorrectly are referred for prosecution. For correctly registered Level 3 offenders, officers go door to door personally notifying area residents of the offender’s presence and providing them with information about the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

Black ArrowLGBT Liaison
The Mayor's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Advisory Board consists of seven members who are responsible for advocating for policies to advance Yonkers' LGBT community. Community Affairs are the designated Liaisons with this board.

Black ArrowHalloween Curfew
The Community Affairs Division is responsible for providing information about the City’s Halloween Curfew to all school age children who are subject to it, as well as the general public. Officers ensure that flyers explaining the curfew are distributed at all Yonkers elementary and middle schools. Halloween curfew violators are brought to the Community Affairs Division’s office where officers notify the violator’s parent or guardian and arrange for the violator’s pick up.