Robbery Prevention Tips

Please follow the following tips to reduce your chances of being the victim of a robbery on the street or in other public areas.

  • Keep jewelry tucked in your clothing and out of sight.
  • Keep your cell phone and Ipod and other electronic devices out of sight while you are in public. Thieves target these items.
  • If you must use a devise in public, keep one earpiece out so you can still hear someone approaching and what is going on around you.
  • Keep all electronic devices and phones stored out of sight, where they cannot be easily snatched.
  • Limit the valuables you carry. Carry only as much cash as you need and don’t flash it while out shopping.
  • Keep cash, credit cards, and ID in different areas in your purse or clothing. 
  • Show confidence- Walk at a steady pace, keep your head up and make eye contact as you walk.
  • Know your destination and have a planned route of travel.
  • Know the train and bus schedule so you do not have to wait around for any significant length of time.
  • Walk with friends or family in well lit, open areas.
  • Write down phone and other electronic device serial numbers and your credit card numbers and bank phone numbers and leave them in a secure area at home.

During a Robbery: 

  • Stay Calm. Do not make sudden movements and follow the thief’s directions. 
  • Don’t be a hero, Your life is worth more than your items! 
  • Take mental notes of the robber’s description, including race, age, sex, height, weight, hair and eye color, build and clothing. Notice any unusual tattoos or scars as well. 
  • Note the type, size and color of any weapon used. 
  • Note the direction the robber takes when leaving. 
  • Take down their license plate if possible.

After a Robbery: 

  • Call the police immediately. 
  • Try and recall as much as you can about the robber, writing it down if possible. 
  • Ask any witnesses to stay and speak to the Police.

Record Your Serial Numbers and Important Documents (pdf)