The City of Yonkers Police Department has recently developed a “Larceny from Automobile Prevention Program” to combat vehicle break-ins. The program is aimed at target hardening vehicles to deter larcenies form parked automobiles. Yonkers Police Officers on patrol will be regularly checking parked vehicles to determine if there are unlocked doors, open windows, or valuables left visible inside of parked vehicles. Electronic equipment (“GPS” devices / cell phones /accessories), packages, bags, or other valuables are easy targets and are an open invitation to thieves looking to commit this crime. If officers observe any of these conditions to be apparent in a parked vehicle, they will be leaving a notice on the vehicle documenting their findings. The notice will be folded and left on the windshield of the vehicle with the words “OFFICIAL NOTICE YONKERS POLICE DEPARTMENT” in red ink. Motorists are urged to lock their vehicles when parked on the street, in driveways, or in parking lots.




Questions call Detective Sergeant Patrick McCormack @ 377-7200 or e-mail at