The Yonkers Police Department has noticed a rise in Larcenies of electronic Global Positioning Systems. In the past year Yonkers has had numerous G.P.S. units stolen. This trend is country wide but the good news is that this crime is preventable. Please follow these basic points and you will not be a victim of this crime.

• Never leave the G.P.S. unit in your car

• Remove the bracket the unit sits in

• If your bracket has a suction cup, erase the mark it leaves on your windshield

• Store parking lots are a popular target spot for the larcenies of G.P.S. units.
Take the unit in the store with you

• Never leave book bags or briefcases in the car in open view, use the trunk

• Always lock your car doors and close windows

• Etch your name in the unit, that will be helpful for property identification if the unit is stolen and recovered

• Since G.P.S. Units do not require a service contract the thief can resell the unit, this is profitable for the criminal