YFD Personnel

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Yonkers Fire Department Personnel

Fire Administration

Fire Administration serves as the central office for the Fire Department and consists of the Fire Commissioner, a Deputy Chief, and a small core of administrative staff. Fire Administration is divided into two areas of responsibility:  Personnel and Fiscal Services. The Administration Division provides the support necessary to achieve the department’s goals and objectives. Reporting directly to the Commissioner, the Deputy Chief of Personnel is responsible for Personnel, Training, Planning, Medical Control, Employee Assistance Program, Fiscal Services reports to the Commissioner and is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the department’s budget and expenditures. 

Administration Staff:

1 Commissioner
3 Deputy Chiefs
3 Captains
7 Civilians

Total: 10

Operations Division 

The Operations Division provides direct, visible services to the public. Under the direction of a Deputy Chief, this Division is responsible for Fire Suppression, First Responder Emergency Medical Program, Communications equipment and technology, Hazardous-Materials Response, Urban Search and Rescue, Technical Rescue, and specification and upkeep of the entire fire apparatus fleet as well as all firefighting and rescue equipment.


Firefighting & Emergency Response Staff:

1 Deputy Chief of Operations
13 Assistant Chief
31 Captains
75 Lieutenants
314 Firefighter
1 Civilian

Total: 435 


Fire Prevention 

  Fire Prevention is organized into three units: Fire Prevention, Investigation, and Safety Education. 

     Fire Prevention is responsible for the inspection of existing buildings and those under construction or renovation.This Prevention unit receives and processes all complaints or inquiries, and enforces New York State Fire and Build-ing Codes. In addition, Fire Prevention coordinates all inspections of buildings made by the Fire Companies, attends court sessions weekly to expedite summons issued for violations of the codes, and issues combustible and other permits. 

   Fire Investigation is responsible for the investigation of the cause and origin of all fires of consequence. They resp-ond to all working fires and those upon special request.

     The Fire Safety Education Unit provides fire safety education programs for residents and businesses, and regular-ly issues fire and life safety education messages through traditional as well as social (new) media. .

    This Division is also responsible for planning and coordination of facility maintenance, repair, and capital Improve-ment.  

Fire Prevention Staff:

1 Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention
1 Captain
2 Lieutenants
7 Firefighter
1 Civilian

Total: 12