YFD Apparatus

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Engine (Pumper) Apparatus
Engine 312
Engine 312

All Engines have 1000 GPM 2 stage centrifugal pumps and a 500
gallon water tank. There are 10 American La France Engines and
1 American La France Rescue Pumper. They carry 2,500 feet of
supply and attack hose. The hose ranges in diameter from
1.75, 2.5, 3.5, and 5 inch. The 3.5 and 5 inch hose are used for
supply lines, the 1.75 inch hose is used as interior attack lines
and the 2.5 inch hose is used mainly as exposure protection
lines, but can also be used as interior attack lines when required.

Ladder (Aerial) Apparatus
Ladder 70
Ladder 70

Ladder Tower 71
Ladder 71

The YFD has six Ladder companies. Four are Smeal rear mount
aerial ladders with working height of 100 feet. The two
Ladder Towers are American La France LTI with a working height
of 75 feet. In addition to typical equipment such as portable
ground ladders, saws, forcible entry tools, and salvage equipment,
the YFD’s ladder companies are also supplied with special purpose
equipment such as power extrication tools, lifting air bags,
carbon monoxide detectors and high angle rescue equipment.

Rescue Apparatus
Rescue 1
Rescue 1

Squad 11
Squad 11- Rescue Pumper

The YFD has two Rescue Apparatus. Rescue 1 is a
American La France Heavy Duty Rescue and carries a full range of
heavy-duty rescue equipment such as extrication tools, air bags,
high angle rescue equipment, gas detectors, Haz-Mat suits and
equipment needed to alleviate a Hazardous Materials incident.
Squad 11 is a American La France Rescue Pumper stationed at
Fire Station 11, it also carries an array of rescue equipment as
well as supply and attack hose needed to fight fires.

Battalion 1
Battalion 1

Battalion 2
Battalion 2

Assistant Chief’s of Battalion 1 and Battalion 2 cover the city 24/7.
The city is divided east and west by the Saw Mill River Parkway.
Battalion 1 covers the west side with Engines 303, 304, 306, 308,
309, Ladders 71, 72, 74, Rescue 1 and Fire Boat 1. Battalion 2
covers the east side with Engines 307, 310, 312, 313, 314,
Squad 11, Ladders 70, 73, and 75. They respond to all alarms
on which two or more apparatus have been assigned.

Safety Battalion
Safety Battalion

The Safety Battalion (Car 5) also covers the city 24/7 and responds
on all working fires as well as incidents where a Safety Officer is needed

Support Companies
Collapse Unit
Collapse Unit

YFD Support Companies supplement our First Line Companies.
They are activated at major incidents such as trench or building
collapse, large oil or gasoline fires, electrical transformer fires,
Hazardous Materials Incidents and all major multiple alarm fires.

Fire Investigation
Fire Investigation Unit 

The Fire Investigation Unit works 24/7 and investigates all fires.

Mask Service Unit
Mask Service Unit

The Mask Service Unit is available on a daily basis and responds
to all working fires.

Fleet Services Vehicle
Fleet Service

The Repair Shop, located at the DPW Service Center maintains
all First Line Apparatus as well as Reserve and Spare Apparatus

Reserve Apparatus
Reserve Eng 317
Engine 317  Smeal 1000 GPM Pumper

YFD Reserve Apparatus supplement our First Line Companies.
The Apparatus are fully equipped and may be placed in service
whenever the need arises

Special Operations
Field Comm Vehicle
Spc Ops Field Comm

YFD Special Operations apparatus supplement our First Line
Companies. They are activated at Major Incidents such as a
WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Incident or Hazardous
Materials Incidents, or for a trench or building collapse. Special
Operations Division also oversees our Reserve Apparatus,
making sure that they are fully equipped and ready to be placed
into service whenever they are needed.

Marine Fire Boat
Fire Boat 1
James J. Mulcahey

The Marine Operations Unit Fire Boat 1 provides fire protection on
the Hudson River and along the waterfront area of Yonkers.
The 4 plus miles of River water frontage within City limits is one
of the nation's most heavily trafficked navigable waterways.
The current Yonkers Waterfront Development project demonstrates
the need for fire protection on the Hudson River within Yonkers.
This Unit will enable the YFD to respond to that need.

Life Safety House
Fire Safety House

In January 2001 the Yonkers Fire Department's Fire Prevention
Division accepted delivery of a new Life Safety House Trailer. The
trailer was purchased and paid in full as a result of our department
receiving a grant from "The Allstate Foundation". The trailer is used
as a teaching device, allowing children to see some of what one
can only experience in an actual fire condition and prepares them
for techniques to escape safely. The House has four rooms -
a working kitchen, living room, bedroom and control room, which
allow other aspects of home safety to be demonstrated.