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Each year, the Yonkers Fire Department responds to over 15,000 alarms. Not all these alarms are for fires. The fire department also responds to calls for assistance in non-fire related emergencies.

We are an all-hazards Fire Department. While fighting fires remains our primary mission, the fire department’s mission includes providing emergency medical care, control of hazardous materials incidents, vehicle accident extrication, technical rescue, disaster preparedness and response, fire prevention, plans review, fire safety education, fire investigation, and more.

The following will outline some of the services the fire department provides to the residents of Yonkers.


Our city contains a variety of fixed hazardous materials locations as well as major hazardous materials transport routes throughout the city. In addition, our proximity to New York City causes us to be at heightened risk to the effects of CBRNE agents (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) that may be deployed intentionally by criminal or terrorist groups or individuals. Yonkers is a member of the New York City region Tier-1 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), as well as the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS). These resources enable the YFD to be connected to a robust network of fire service, emergency management, and homeland security resources that may be utilized in our region for a variety of scenarios. In addition to resources that are funded by Yonkers Taxpayers, funding emanates from both Federal and State government that is employed to enhance our capacity to mitigate, prepare, prevent, respond to, and recover from potential low-frequency yet high-consequence scenarios that may befall us. It's all about fulfilling our primary mission- to protect the lives, health, and property of our residents, businesses, and visitors to this great city! Every day our members are hard at work planning, training, and maintaining equipment for not only "routine" emergencies but also unusual, infrequent, and extreme events that may occur.

Seriously ill people need help fast! With this in mind, the City of Yonkers and the Fire Department established the FIRST RESPONDER PROGRAM in the early 1990's.  Under this program, whenever someone is seriously ill, the neighborhood fire company responds along with the ambulance to initiate medical care to the patient within minutes. Our members are trained as either First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, or Paramedics. Countless lives have been saved since the inception of this program and we are very proud of its continued success!

While it has always been the job of the Fire Department’s 6 ladder companies to rescue people trapped in burning buildings, that role has been expanded to include rescue operations in a wide variety of other circumstances. These include: extrication of motorists and passengers trapped or injured in motor vehicle accidents, removal of people trapped in elevators, confined space and below grade rescue, high angle rescue, and building collapse and entanglement. Assistance is also provided for people who are locked out of their homes, or when children have locked themselves in a room.
Rescue 1 as well as several ladder companies are equipped with a wide variety of specialized Heavy Rescue equipment such as cutting torches, high-tech gasoline and electric powered saws, building collapse shoring equipment, search cameras and listening devices for individuals trapped in collapsed structures, the Lucas rescue tool, and the Vetter high-force air bag system for heavy lifting operations, among many other resources.
The Fire Department’s 18 companies also respond to the following public utility emergencies: natural gas leaks, steam leaks, manhole explosions, overhead and underground arcing power lines, water leaks, floods.

When not responding to emergencies, fire companies perform fire safety inspections on a continuous basis. Fire safety information is available at every neighborhood firehouse.
In addition, the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau is staffed with specially trained code enforcement officers who perform specialized building inspections and who provide plans review, and technical information to builders, architects, building owners, and the general public. The bureau can be reached at 914-377-7525 OR 914-377-7526.

Fire Safety Education is a vital means of protecting the public from fires and other emergencies by teaching people how to prevent fires and emergencies as well as how to act when fires and other emergencies inevitably happen. Our line companies are able to provide firehouse visits and curbside seminars. Our Fire Prevention and Education Staff provides safety education presentations to schools and community groups.  

As funding and personnel levels allow, we may also be able to provide our Life Safety Trailer ("smokehouse") training to schools and community organizations.


Please call the Fire Prevention and Safety Education Division at (914) 377-7525 or 7526 to schedule any of these services.

Under New York State Law, the cause and origin of all structural fires must be determined. The task of investigating all fires in Yonkers belongs to the Fire Investigation Unit. Fire investigation and arson determination is a precise science requiring specialized training and certification. Since its inception, the Fire Investigation Unit has been successful in deterring the spread of arson.

If you have an arson tip call the Arson Hotline at 914-377-7963.