Treating Serious Injuries

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Injuries are common in disaster, but there are simple thing you an do to comfort those who are hurt and prevent further harm. It is always a good idea to learn first aid and CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

It is very important to have on hand a First-Aid kit with following items inside:

  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Antacid
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Antidiarrhea Medication
  • Asprin and nonasprin pain reliever
  • Cleansing Agent (isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, soap, germicide)
  • Cotton Balls
  • First Aid Manual
  • Gauze Pads and Rolls
  • Latex Gloves
  • Moist Towelettes
  • Needle and Safety Pin
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Scissors
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermometer
  • Tongue Depressors
  • Trainagular Bandages
  • Tweezers