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Citizen Corps            MISSION STATEMENT      Citizen Corps


Citizen Corps gives every American the opportunity to volunteer to make their community better prepared and better protected from Crime, Terrorism and Disasters of all kinds.


The Yonkers Citizen Corps Council will:

  • Promote community wide emergency preparation and response education and training.
  • Involve citizens in order to provide local firefighters, police and EMT's an extra line of defense against emergencies through prevention and disaster preparedness training.
  • Help provide a citizenry educated in emergency response who will be better able to deal with disasters especially during the initial 12 to 72 hours where local response agencies may be overwhelmed and outside assistance has not yet arrived.
  • Educate school children on what to do if there is an emergency
  • Create lines of communication amoung communities, businesses. civic, religious and volunteer leadership to make neighborhoods safer and stronger.
  • Implement Federally sponsored programs such as Neighborhood Watch, Voluntters in Police Services (VIPS), Medical Reserve CORPS, and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).